Part 3- Santa Teresa, NM: No Parent, No Problem 15 y/o TX Minor Obtains Abortion

Part 3- Santa Teresa, NM: No Parent, No Problem 15 y/o TX Minor Obtains Abortion

Abortion Free New Mexico introduces Part 3 of a 6 Part Series exposing the New Mexico Abortion Cartel

By Bud Shaver, Abortion Free New Mexico

Santa Teresa, NM- In an undercover call placed on May 17, 2017 to Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic in El Paso, TX the caller posing as a 15 year old minor inquires about obtaining an abortion without her parents involvement.

Without hesitation the abortion facility worker refers the young girl to their “other clinic location in Santa Teresa.” Located according to Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic’s website, “Only 11 minutes from Downtown El Paso.” It’s as if this is one of the main reasons the Santa Teresa abortion facility located a few miles across the border in New Mexico exists.

An abortion appointment is secured for the following Saturday and all the minor is required to bring is $430.00 and her identification card.

Listen to the undercover call here

New Mexico has become the place where abortionist Franz Theard, who owns two abortion facilities, one in El Paso, TX and the other in Santa Teresa, NM is circumventing reasonable Texas laws that were enacted to protect minors from sexual abuse.

(Abortionist Franz Theard)

At Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa abortions are performed up to 10 weeks of pregnancy by administering RU486 to starve pre-born babies of the essential nutrient progesterone. These procedures are performed weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays according to clinic staff.

“Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic is yet another example of abortion providers in New Mexico who ignore the best interests of minors who seek out an abortion. Minors are vulnerable and often the victims of sexual abuse, Franz Theard is enabling sexual predators when he purposefully takes advantage of New Mexico’s lack of common sense laws and circumvents the reasonable limitations of Texas,” said Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico.

History of Violations in New Mexico and Texas

On July, 11 2013, Julie Aragon, the New Mexico Health Facility Compliance Officer with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) program emailed Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa because she noticed that their website stated that they offered lab services but the required CLIA certificate was not on file.

This email was not answered by Theard or his staff. On September 10, 2014, Julie Aragon visited the Santa Teresa location unannounced to investigate unauthorized testing. The official CLIA report noted the following violations and discrepancies:

  • Urine pregnancy tests and RH blood tests were being performed without required CLIA certification.
  • An open urine pregnancy test cassette was on the break room counter next to a small refrigerator. Blood reagents were also found in the refrigerator.
  • Failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions when checking Rh blood status in patients.
  • Failure to perform quality control measures daily.
  • Failure to maintain a log of patients tested onsite.
  • Failure to maintain copies of training, highest level of education, or competency assessments for testing personnel.
  • Failure to monitor refrigerator temperature where testing agents were kept.
  • Failure to maintain documentation of the lot numbers and expiration dates of pregnancy tests and blood reagents.

The CLIA program only ensures and monitors laboratory testing and has no jurisdiction over the surgical portion of abortion facilities. However, when a laboratory isn’t being run properly it begs the question, what other discrepancies the facility may have?

Since this location was not properly CLIA certified, all testing was halted until the certification was obtained.

In a 2015 a CLIA survey of Hill Top Women’s Reproductive Clinic in El Paso, Texas, documentation on showed multiple violations including, a violation of the judicial bypass requirement for minors having an abortion as well as violating the requirement to verbally explain sonogram images to minors before they have an abortion.

Other violations included disregarding the 2 hour waiting period, failure to provide patients with local hospital information and failure to ensure that their equipment was properly sterilized.

Taking Life or Giving Life?

Franz Theard does abortions on certain days of the week and then delivers babies at local Texas hospitals on other days. He seems to be caught in between two worlds, and tries to keep them separate. Abortion Free New Mexico found a website for Theard’s OB/GYN practice that does not mention abortion at all. There is also an unofficial Facebook page where women often check in for prenatal appointments and ultrasounds.

On the other hand Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic’s website boasts abortion services with the ability to bypass the Texas 24 hour waiting period.

“This report by Abortion Free New Mexico is only a glimpse inside of Franz Theard’s shoddy abortion operation that has creeped into New Mexico. Abortionist Franz Theard has a sordid history of abortion violations and our latest undercover recording reveals that Theard’s El Paso clinic is instructing minors how to obtain abortions in New Mexico in violation of Texas law. Franz Theard is living a double life in his practice by working in Texas hospitals delivering babies while simultaneously killing babies in both Texas and New Mexico. Theard has betrayed true medicine and is currently capitalizing on New Mexico’s lack of the most basic laws regulating abortion,” stated Tara Shaver.

Read Parts 1 and 2 of Abortion Free New Mexico’s series exposing the New Mexico abortion cartel:

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NM Late-Term Abortion Clinic Staff to Minor Incest Victim, “Contact Medicaid” NOT Authorities

NM Late-Term Abortion Clinic Staff to Minor Incest Victim, “Contact Medicaid” NOT Authorities

By Bud Shaver, Abortion Free New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM- In a new undercover video by Abortion Free New Mexico and Priests for Life, the caller posing as a minor and victim of incest by an older family member is seeking a late-term abortion at 26 weeks of pregnancy. Instead of urging the minor to contact the authorities, the abortion clinic staff gives the young girl a phone number to the New Mexico Medicaid office so that she can obtain the $7,500 procedure for free.

New Mexico Statute Section 30-10-3 provides that “Incest consists of knowingly intermarrying or having sexual intercourse with persons within the following degrees of consanguinity: parents and children including grandparents and grandchildren of every degree, brothers and sisters of the half as well as the whole blood, uncles and nieces, aunts and nephews. Whoever commits incest is guilty of a third-degree felony.

The New Mexico basic sentencing guidelines in Section 31-18-15 provides “for a third degree felony for a sexual offense against a child, six years imprisonment.”

Listen the undercover recording here

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, stated, “This latest undercover call continues to rip the veil off the abortion industry and show our nation what even most ‘prochoice’ people oppose: late term abortion of healthy babies, paid for by taxpayers, and conducted by an industry which provides cover for sexual predators. What we need to know to end abortion is found in the abortion industry itself. We just need to continue exposing it, and we will.”

In our previous undercover video Abortion Free New Mexico and Priests for Life exposed that New Mexico is the land of unrestricted abortion where any woman (or even a young girl) can obtain a late term abortion into the third trimester of pregnancy for any reason. Minors who seek abortions are often being sexually abused by an older male, as is in the case of this latest undercover video, even a family member can be the perpetrator. Providing these young girls with abortions does not stop the abuse they face, it merely covers it up and allows it to continue.

Currently New Mexico does not require parental involvement when their minor child seeks an abortion. There are, however, laws to protect minors that require mandatory reporting to authorities if there is even the suspicion of sexual abuse.

Angelo Artuso, Senior Legal Counsel for Abortion Free New Mexico issued the following statement, “Southwestern Women’s Options (and any other abortion provider) has a duty to report possible incest regarding a 16-year old minor seeking an abortion. Under the mandatory reporting law (Section 32A-4-3A), physicians and nurses have a duty to report suspected child abuse. The law (Section 32A-4-2 I) provides that child abuse includes criminal sexual penetration, incestOR criminal sexual contact. Because incest is included as a separate category of sexual abuse, the “age of consent” and the “Romeo and Juliet” exceptions to “statutory rape” do NOT apply. Failure to report suspected incest of a minor is a misdemeanor (Section 32A-4-3F) punishable by up to 364 days in the county jail or up to a $1,000 fine, or both.”

Mandatory reporting is set forth in Section 32A-4-3 A which provides:

Every person, including a licensed physician; a resident or intern examining, attending or treating a child; a law enforcement officer; a judge presiding during a proceeding; a registered nurse; a visiting nurse; a schoolteacher; a school official; a social worker acting in an official capacity; or a member of the clergy who has information that is not privileged as a matter of law, who knows or has a reasonable suspicion that a child is an abused or neglected child shall report the matter immediately to:

1.  a local law enforcement agency;

2.  the department; or

3.  a tribal law enforcement or social services agent for any Indian child residing in Indian country.

Furthermore, in New Mexico there is no physician-patient privilege not to report. Section 11-504 D(4) provides that:

No privilege shall apply for confidential communications concerning any material that a physician, psychotherapist, state or nationally licensed mental-health therapist, or patient as required by law to report to a public employee or public agency.”

“Pro-life sidewalk counselors have spoken to several minors over the past seven years outside of Southwestern Women’s Options, many of them came to New Mexico seeking abortions to evade their own states laws. The reality is that the New Mexico abortion cartel is more concerned about how much money they can make off of selling an abortion, especially lucrative late term abortions, instead of adhering to the laws that were passed to protect minors from sexual abuse. We need enforcement of these laws in New Mexico and for our leaders to make sure that this illegal activity is fully investigated,” stated Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico.

Abortion Free New Mexico is working with Priests for Life to raise national awareness about late term abortion. As part of this effort, the organizations are conducting a survey looking for people who identify themselves as “prochoice” but who nevertheless support the protection of children in the womb in the later stages of pregnancy.


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Part 2: Planned Parenthood of New Mexico is on Life Support

Part 2: Planned Parenthood of New Mexico is on Life Support

Abortion Free New Mexico introduces Part 2 of a 6 Part Series exposing the NM Abortion Cartel

By Bud Shaver, Abortion Free New Mexico (AFNM)

Albuquerque, NM- In Part 1 of Abortion Free New Mexico’s series documenting the Abortion Landscape Shift in New Mexico, the report highlighted how the abortion cartel is in full retreat and that their plans of expansion have been stifled. In part 2 of this series AFNM will reveal how Planned Parenthood is facing a crisis of their own in New Mexico.

Planned Parenthood NM Closing Three Referral Clinics

According to a breaking report by KOAT,

“Three out of New Mexico’s six clinic locations will close in September, according to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Chief Experience Officer Adrienne Mansanares. ‘We are making some difficult decisions about the best way to stay in New Mexico into the future,’ Mansanares said.The clinics in Farmington, Rio Rancho, and Nob Hill in Albuquerque will close.”

These three Planned Parenthood locations are referral centers that provide contraceptives, the morning after pill and abortion referrals.

UPDATED: Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico, said Thursday that she feels the national funding conversation could be contributing to the closures.

“It all kind of makes sense to us when we look at the climate change … under President Trump,” she said. “This is a step in the right direction for building a culture of life in New Mexico.” Read the full report from the Albuquerque Journal: Planned Parenthood to close 3 clinics in northern NM

Related: Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains Statement on Health Center Closures

Planned Parenthood of New Mexico Has No Legitimate Abortionist on Staff

In an undercover call placed to the last remaining Planned Parenthood in New Mexico providing surgical abortions which is located in Albuquerque, the caller was informed that typically this location does provide abortions up to 18 weeks but that they are currently not offering surgical abortions since they are struggling to keep an abortionist on staff.

Their lack of an abortion provider could be the result of a New Mexico Nursing Board complaint filed in 2016 by Abortion Free New Mexico’s Tara Shaver based on state medicaid data showing that Nurse Practitioner Vivianne Clark was paid by New Mexico medicaid for performing abortions between 17-24 weeks, which is illegal for a non-physician to do in New Mexico. The second part of the undercover video reveals that Clark continues to provide medical RU486 abortions in Santa Fe despite being under investigation.

AFNM has long suspected that Santa Fe Planned Parenthood Nurse Practitioner, Vivianne Clark, is the primary abortionist in Albuquerque. While we wait for the result from the New Mexico Nursing Board investigation, we are hopeful that in the meantime this complaint has halted Clark’s potential illegal activity.

Listen to the undercover call: Planned Parenthood of New Mexico is on Life Support

Another key factor that is possibly hampering Planned Parenthood’s ability to keep an abortionist on staff is directly linked to the Center for Medical Progress’s (CMP) videos that exposed the true nature of Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. Legitimate physicians simply aren’t willing to work for Planned Parenthood.

An additional result of the CMP videos was local and national protests calling for the defunding of the abortion giant. This has ultimately been the catalyst for the momentum we are now witnessing and has culminated with President Donald J. Trump recently signing an executive order giving states the ability to defund Planned Parenthood locally.

According to Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Vice President of Operation Rescue, “Planned Parenthood is in a panic to reorganize as their federal funding dries up. They must jettison their centers that aren’t making money. For Planned Parenthood, abortion, and the money it produces, is their number-one priority.”

While much of what we see regarding the shift in New Mexico’s abortion landscape is good news, we must remain vigilant. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato reflects upon a national trend that he has witnessed in his national ministry with Priests for Life, “It is important to understand that Planned Parenthood’s operational strategy all over the country has been to consolidate its operations and build state or regional megacenters. We will be researching and monitoring what next step Planned Parenthood is planning here in New Mexico.”

RELATED: Part 1: Abortion Landscape Shift in New Mexico Since 2010

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