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CENSORED: YouTube Terminates Abortion Free New Mexico Channel No Strikes, No Warning

CENSORED: YouTube Terminates Abortion Free New Mexico Channel No Strikes, No Warning

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, New Mexico- YouTube terminates Abortion Free New Mexico channel without notice. The channel had ZERO strikes against it for violations of terms of service, and recieved no warning of the deplatforming. The Abortion Free New Mexico YouTube channel had over 40 undercover investigations exposing late-term abortion in New Mexico and across America!


See what YouTube wants censored! We have uploaded our saved investigations at Vimeo. Our undercover investigations are divided into three Showcases:

  • Undercover At 37 Weeks- Pressure To Abort- CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS SHOWCASE: In this undercover project  (3 video series) Abortion Free New Mexico takes viewers inside the notorious Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) late term abortion facility. This project combines raw footage of dialogue with clinic staff and exclusive interviews with the undercover investigator detailing her unique account of what it was like to go inside of a late term abortion center while pregnant at 37 weeks gestation.The investigation also uncovered that the University of New Mexico (UNM), a publicly funded institution, is willing to collude with late term abortionists to deliver dead babies at UNM Hospital once a deadly injection is administered by abortionists at Southwestern Women’s Options, the nation’s most notorious late term abortion killing center.

  • ​Late Term Abortion Exposed In New Mexico- CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS SHOWCASE: Abortion Free New Mexico goes undercover to expose the sordid truth of abortion in New Mexico. Due to New Mexico’s lack of common sense abortion restrictions, notorious late term abortionist Curtis Boyd, who owns Southwestern Women’s Options, has expanded his child killing empire into New Mexico and abortionist Franz Theard has expanded his abortion business across the border into New Mexico to evade Texas abortion laws. The University of New Mexico, which we have since identified as, “The Heart of the New Mexico Abortion Cartel” is aggressively expanding its radical abortion agenda. One silver lining is that Planned Parenthood is on life support in New Mexico and not expanding throughout the state.

  • EXPOSED: New Mexico Abortion Clinics Are Violating FDA Protocols- CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS SHOWCASE: In an undercover investigation, Abortion Free New Mexico called Hilltop Women’s Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa, and Southwestern Women’s Options in New Mexico to determine whether or not they are compliant with the prescriber agreement required by the FDA to prescribe Mifeprex (Mifepristone). Our investigation reveals that neither abortion facility has the proper ultrasound to diagnose ectopic pregnancies, which is a clear violation of the REMS requirements. As outlined in the FDA approved REMS document, prescribers of the abortion drug, Mifeprex (Mifepristone) must have the “ability to diagnose ectopic pregnancies.”

​In addition to our Showcases, our new Vimeo channel has 3 additional videos:

  • ​​WAR ROOM Interview: New Mexico Caught Trafficking Aborted Baby Parts- CLICK HERE TO WATCH THIS INTERVIEW: Bud Shaver from Abortion Free New Mexico joins Owen Shroyer on The War Room to expose the atrocities of the pro-abortion policies in New Mexico and what can be done to fight back.

Red Rose Rescue Update (Footage includes arrest in Washington D.C.)- CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Washington, D.C.- On March 19, 2019 Bud Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico joined 9 others in our nations capital in what is known as Red Rose Rescues. Two rescue teams, led by Catholic priests, entered two Washington D.C. abortion facilities on Tuesday morning March 19, 2019. UPDATE: ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED!

  • 2019 Year In Review Slideshow- CLICK HERE TO WATCH: Look at what the Lord has done in 2019. Together we are building an Abortion Free New Mexico. Thank you for standing with us for LIFE!

Abortion Free New Mexico partnered with Priests for Life to expose Late Term Abortion Across America. This extensive undercover investigation exposed 28 states in America that perform late term abortion after 20 weeks! 

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Election 2020 Update

Election 2020 Update

By Bud Shaver

Election day, on November 3rd, is right around the corner. We have been working tirelessly to help candidates during this final stretch. As you know, this election is incredibly important and will not only determine which way our nation will be led, but it will determine whether or not New Mexicans will finally be free from the bondage of the democrat party. For 90 years one party has called the shots and as a result New Mexico is dead last on every good list of national rankings. We are ready for New Mexico to rise above its dismal statistics to a thriving land of hope and life. Thank you for all you are doing and for standing with us in this battle for a better New Mexico.

Today was the last (recommended) day to mail in your absentee ballot. (After today it’s best to hand deliver it to a polling location)

In person early voting ends this Saturday, October 31st. You can find the Bernalillo County early voting locations here.  More voting locations will be open on election day find all of them  here.

We are doing everything we can to turn New Mexico Red in 2020. Please get out and vote!

You can find your Respect New Mexico candidate at

Thank you so much for your prayers and support on our behalf and on behalf of our pro-life candidates. 

Update on Candidates Campaigns:

(With Churches deemed non-essential but protests are allowed with no restrictions, Legacy Church is holding “Peaceful Protests” every Wednesday and Sunday!) 

Manuel “Manny” Lardizabal for New Mexico Senate District 26 was introduced at all 3 services this Sunday at Legacy Church located in his district. Legacy Church is the second largest Evangelical Church in the entire state of New Mexico. Manny received a standing ovation! 

Over the weekend, Manny’s opponent, Jacob Candelaria (D-Albuquerque), known for his far-left extremism, took to Twitter to bully citizens peacefully protesting Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s public health orders in Santa Fe, as well as others on a variety of issues. 

Michelle Garcia Holmes for US Congress (CD1) has run a very strong campaign to defeat Deb Haaland on election day. She was endorsed by the Albuquerque Journal, over her incumbent opponent, because she is the right candidate for the right time. Currently she is running a NEW campaign ad on TV this week. 

Lisa Meyer-Hagen for Senate District 12 has a great campaign video out as well and has run a very good targeted campaign in her district. Lisa’s Senate district overlaps with Dinah Vargas’s House district and is home to 2 abortion facilities, UNM Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH) and Southwestern Women’s Options!

Dinah Vargas for House of Representatives District 10 has been joining us EVERY Friday for Faith To Action Friday. The University of New Mexico late-term abortion facility (UNMCRH) is located in her district and she is committed to working to close it permanently when she is elected! In fact, she made a campaign video this past Friday with our Faith To Action Friday family.


Join Us In October!

Stand Up For Life in front of the University of New Mexico’s free standing abortion facility.

One hour a week is all it takes to save a baby’s life and to light up the darkness in your community.

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The Debate Of The Year And Join Us In Santa Fe On October 24th

The Debate Of The Year And Join Us In Santa Fe On October 24th

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, New Mexico- Michelle Garcia Holmes (R) made debate great again! On Sunday October 11, 2020 she debated incumbent Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D).

We had a front row seat to the debate of the year.

Michelle Garcia Holmes was the clear winner hands down. She is everything we need in Congress to fight for New Mexico and work to build up our great state towards a brighter future.

The Piñon Post fact checked Deb Haaland in real time and caught her in some whoppers of lies! Here are some highlights:

Pro Life Pro Constitution Prayer Event in Santa Fe on October 24th

Abortion Free New Mexico is co-hosting a gathering in Santa Fe, New Mexico with an organic grassroots movement of patriot believers from Gallup, New Mexico on Saturday October 24, 2020. Join us if you can make it! Election day on November 3rd is right around the corner and we need unified prayer efforts leading up to the most important election of our lifetime!

Event details:

  • When: Saturday October 24th from 11AM-1PM
  • Where: Roundhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Why: We must be united to save the great state of New Mexico that we all dearly love!
  • We welcome all lovers of faith, life, liberty and the US Constitution to join us.
  • Please reply to this email if you would like to speak, lead prayer, or lead music and we will add you to the line up.
  • Join and Share the Facebook Event Page: Pro Life Pro Constitution

Faith to Action Friday Join Us In October!

Stand Up For Life in front of the University of New Mexico’s free standing abortion facility.

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