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Caught Red-Handed: New Mexico Abortion Business Was Operating Illegally

Caught Red-Handed: New Mexico Abortion Business Was Operating Illegally

By Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue


Operation Rescue urges the City of Las Cruces to revoke the abortion facility’s business permit due to deception and possible zoning violations.

Las Cruces, NM – A new abortion facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico, operated by the Texas-based Whole Women’s Health abortion chain, was caught “red-handed” operating without a valid business permit in an area that may not be properly zoned for that business.

Seeking to avoid safety standards in Texas that shut down two of its five Texas abortion centers, Whole Women’s Health targeted New Mexico where an absence of abortion laws allows even the most disreputable to run abortion businesses without fear of inspection or oversight.

Whole Women’s Health (WWH) soon set up shop in Las Cruces where it could continue its substandard operations without accountability.

Operation Rescue, working with Protest ABQ and local pro-life leaders in Las Cruces, has documented that Whole Women’s Health, operating as “William H. Richardson, MD, PC” opened for business and conducted surgical abortions prior to applying to the City of Las Cruces for a business permit.

In fact, recorded phone conversations show that the facility staff used deception first to pass off an invalid business permit as their own, then to deny that it had opened for business.

In phone call placed by Tara Shaver of Protest ABQ on October 16, 2014, a clinic employee told Shaver that they had been open about a week. She then scheduled Shaver for a surgical abortion on October 21.

However, records show that the abortion facility did not even apply for a permit until October 23 and did not receive a valid business permit until October 27.

There are also concerns that Whole Women’s Health and Richardson are operating in a building that is not zoned for major surgeries such as late-term abortions, which are soon to be available at the Las Cruces center.

“There can be no doubt that Whole Women’s Health was conducting business and providing surgical abortions prior to applying for a valid business permit,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We caught them red-handed breaking the law and using deception to cover it up.”

Operation Rescue is encouraging the public to contact the City of Las Cruces and ask that they immediately revoke the business permit issued to Richardson due to safety concerns and given the checkered history of the Whole Women’s Health abortion chain in Texas with which his abortion business is affiliated.

Building & Development Services
Robert Kyle, Administrator
Voice: 575-528-3106

Read Operation Rescue’s exclusive report with documentation.

About Operation Rescue,

Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006. From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates.

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Are Anti-Abortion Activists Determined to Topple Their Pro-Life Governor?

Are Anti-Abortion Activists Determined to Topple Their Pro-Life Governor?


New Mexico governor Susana Martinez has come under fire from anti-abortion groups for not doing enough to help their cause.”

“What good is having a governor that will only give lip service to the Prolife cause? We must hold her feet to the fire!” Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor at Operation Rescue

Here is a sneak peak of the hard-hitting piece by Cosmopolitan…

“Does a local group like Protest ABQ have enough clout that their disapproval could keep a politician off a short list for higher office? It’s difficult to say. On the one hand, it is just a few dozen “no-exceptions” anti-abortion activists from a low-population state. On the other, the Shavers were sent to the city at the request of Operation Rescue in Kansas and make up just one strand of a tight web of extreme pro-life groups that believe in protecting life from fertilization to natural death, groups that exist all throughout the country — from the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust in California to Priests for Life in New York. It’s a nationwide network that is highly engaged in electoral politics and grassroots campaigning.”

Read the SURPRISINGLY fair and hard-hitting article from Cosmo here: Are Anti-Abortion Activists Determined to Topple Their Pro-Life Governor?

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October Newsletter: JAM PACKED Month of Research, Outreach, and Protest!

October Newsletter: JAM PACKED Month of Research, Outreach, and Protest!

JAM PACKED Month of Research, Outreach, and Protest!

Albuquerque, NM — Since 2008, New Mexico’s abortion rate has been on a steady decline. This is great news in a state where abortions are performed through all nine months of pregnancy without restriction. However, that news is tempered by the fact that abortions funded by tax dollars are on the rise.

Read this report by Tara Shaver from this month here: Tax Funded Abortions on the Rise In New Mexico While Overall Abortions on the Decline

This month has been JAM PACKED with research projects, outreach, and PROTEST! Click here for our newsletter from this month which includes pictures from some of our outreach and Tara’s latest update on UNM’s Radical Abortion agenda: Lobos of Death: A Look at the Radical Abortion Agenda at the University of New Mexico

In the News This Month:

Rowdy Pro-Aborts Invade Hotel to Protest Newman & Project Defending Life

Breaking: Abortion Clinic to Open in Las Cruces New Mexico

Power of Prayer: New Mexico Abortion Facility Fails to Open as Planned

Bud and Tara Shaver are now contributing writers with, “For God’s Glory Alone Ministries- FGGAM!” Visit for the latest breaking national and local New Mexico news, inspiration…and to read Bud and Tara’s latest Pro-Life testimonies and updates!

Here are Bud and Tara’s posts on FGGAM from this month:

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FLASH FROM THE PAST: Watch this informative and inspirational interview below with Dewey Moede and Bud and Tara Shaver from 2013: Dewey and Friends with Bud and Tara Shaver

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and encouragement! We are so blessed and humbled by all of our partners in this ministry to save lives here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Keep our efforts in your prayers as we continue to move forward to end abortion in New Mexico…to God alone be the glory!

For more information about Protest ABQ visit and like our Facebook page, “Protest ABQ

Because of Christ we stand,
Bud and Tara Shaver
Pro-Life Missionaries

“Seek the well being of the city to which I have sent you. Pray for it to the Lord. For in seeking its well being you shall find your own.“ Jeremiah 29:7

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