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2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #5

2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #5

“Last but definitely not least, wrapping up our, “Top 5 ABQ Year In Review Highlights”…Its YOU, your prayers, your support, and all of your efforts to help raise awareness here in ABQ- The late-term abortion capital of the country.”

This year God answered our prayer to raise up workers for the harvest here in ABQ…and He answered it in a BIG way! We never would have guessed that in just one year so many people, churches, and church leaders would be activated to stand for life here in ABQ. Numerous volunteers helped gather 27,000 signatures (most of which came from Catholic and Evangelical churches) in just 20 days, new pro-life organizations have formed, over 38,000 people took a stand FOR life on Nov. 19th in an attempt to ban late-term abortions, several volunteers were trained to offer ultrasounds and pregnancy tests at Project Defending Life and sacrifice so much of their time for women in need, several people who attended one of our sidewalk counseling training classes took their training to the sidewalk on an ongoing basis, we had great turnout to several rallies and press conferences, all three abortion clinics have consistent coverage of people sharing the love of Christ, mothers who chose life have received so much encouragement and financial assistance due to your prayers and generosity, and only God knows how many babies have been saved as a result of your faithfulness!

Here are just some of the many testimonies of bold steps of faith from the christian community here in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2013…and to God alone be the glory:

Pro-Life Groups Submit Double the Signatures Needed to Ensure a Vote on Historic City-wide Late-term Abortion Ban

Speeches From The Heart: ABQ City Councilors Hear From Pro-Lifers

ABQ Woman Shares from Experience Why Fetal Anomalies Are No Justification for Late-term Abortion

Dec. Newsletter 2013: Campaign Season has Come and Gone…Our Work Remains

Manny is a Mighty Spiritual Warfare Warrior, Today He was Speechless

Church Outside the Box…Sunday Church Service at Late-Term Abortion Clinic SWO

Project 52 Kick-Off Rally and Press Conference

A New Season Has Begun at Southwestern Women’s Options

History is Being Accomplished Today

June 2013 Newsletter: The Month of Rallies!

Rally For LIFE: Late-Term Abortion Clinic SWO June 14,2013

Special Mother’s Day Event In Front Of Late-Term Abortion Facility

Never Grow Weary

Great coverage by local news channel 13 KRQE and great title: “New Mexicans Protest Late-Term Abortion”

Thank you all for your continued prayer, encouragement, and support. God has used you in powerful ways this year and our city will never be the same…we look forward to what God has in store for ABQ in 2014!

“Seek the well being of the city to which I have sent you. Pray for it to the Lord. For in seeking its well being you shall find your own.“ Jeremiah 29:7
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2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #4

2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #4

“Exposed the fact that abortions are being done through all NINE months of pregnancy in ABQ, the reality that women who get abortions are putting their lives at risk…and oh yeah, put an abortionist under scrutiny by the New Mexico Medical Board for a botched 35 week abortion!”

2013 kicked off with the culmination of several years of hard work,  investigations, and countless hours of research which produced a New Mexico Medical Board investigation into late-term abortionist Shelley Sella. In 2012, complaints were filed with the NM Medical Board (NMMB) regarding 11 abortion injuries at Southwestern Women’s Options, Albuquerque’s late term abortion clinic. The Board’s initial response was to resist any investigation. Out of the 11 New Mexico complaints, only one was investigated, that of a 35-week abortion which resulted in a ruptured uterus.

The botched abortion took place on May 12, 2011. Tara obtained a copy of the 911 call placed that day, which revealed incriminating details of the medical emergency. Tara worked with Operation Rescue to file a series of complaints that resulted in the Board’s action.

Here is an interview with Tara by local news channel KOB 4 regarding the NMMB investigation of Shelley Sella:

Shelley Sella faced an investigation by the NMMB for gross negligence and for violating the standard of care during a 35 week botched abortion that resulted in the woman’s uterus rupturing. On February 7, 2013 the NMMB issued their ruling and Shelley Sella got away scot-free due to the fact that when it comes to performing abortions…there isn’t a standard of care for abortionists to adhere to. Therefore, Sella could not be held accountable for violating a standard of care that doesn’t exist. Ironically, on the same day that the NMMB exonerated Shelley Sella, sidewalk counselors witnessed an ambulance transport another women to the ER after yet another botched abortion at the hands of late-term abortionists at Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO). On March 1, 2013 we were able to document yet another botched abortion at SWO bringing the total of 14 abortion related injuries since 2008!

While we are disappointed with the outcome of the NMMB investigation, this case has raised tremendous public awareness about the reality that abortions are taking place here in New Mexico through all nine months of pregnancy and that every-time a woman seeks out the service of an abortionist to kill her baby, she is placing her very life in danger due the the grave risks that the abortion procedure itself poses.

This investigation garnered both local and national news coverage, here is one such article that was featured on the front page of the ABQ Journal:  Late-Term Abortion Debate Turns to ABQ

Here are two great reports by Operation Rescue:

New Docs Reveal Horrific Details of Botched 35-Week Abortion, Gross Negligence in NM Disciplinary Case

New Mexico Disciplinary Hearing Spotlights Dangerous Full Term Abortions

Tara and I would like to thank Operation Rescue for their tireless efforts to help us in our research, investigations and for their encouragement along the way. We are very blessed to have them working with us to stop abortions in New Mexico.

Here are a few more investigations that Tara conducted with the help of Operation Rescue in 2013:

Gosnell-Like Abortion Practices are Business as Usual in New Mexico

New Albuquerque Investigation Reveals Tax-Funded Medicaid Pays For Hundreds of Late-term Abortions

Planned Parenthood Profits From and Covers Up Sexual Exploitation of Minors!

New Investigation Shows that the Heart of Abortion Clinics Is Not “Healthcare”

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2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #3

2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #3

“In 2013, Project 52 was launched, Project 52 is an interdenominational church initiative engaging congregations for 52 weeks a year in promoting the sanctity of human life.”

Back in May, Bud had the opportunity to speak at a National Day of Prayer event hosted here in Albuquerque (Click here to listen to Bud’s talk), he encouraged local church leaders to become more active in our community as a voice for LIFE. In response to his talk, Bud met with local pastors about his vision for churches to become more active in our city. On September 30th, Project 52 was launched and we joined with local Pastors to host a press conference out at late-term abortion clinic Southwestern Women’s Options. Here is an excerpt from the news coverage by local news channel KOAT 7:

Pastors gather to support late-term abortion ban

“Pastors gathered to be the voice for unborn babies. They prayed for the end of abortion.

Pastors and demonstrators hoped their rallies would have an influence on banning late-term abortions locally.

The idea behind Project 52 is to have a presence at the abortion clinics 52 weeks a year, and to put pressure on the residents of Albuquerque to support the ban in the upcoming election.

Pastors said they will gather and protest abortions until there is a change.”

Click here to read more from of our press conference and watch the video coverage here:

Project 52 is an interdenominational church initiative engaging congregations for 52 weeks a year in promoting the sanctity of human life from the time of conception. Providing a framework for multi-faceted action to facilitate a culture honoring and understanding the value of Human life in all aspects of our society.

“As our hearts become broken over what has broken God’s heart we will see His mighty power working on our behalf. So we would like to share this message to our churches and pastors, to every person who has a heart to end the shedding of innocent blood; and ask that the hearts of our pastors to be broken and this brokenness of heart to be passed on to the members of their congregation and we will see the kingdom of darkness start to fall one by one as we persevere.” – Pastor Washington

“Project 52 is about bringing churches together, not in doctrine, but its about bringing churches together to try and save innocent babies whose voices have not even been heard yet. Jesus calls all of us to bear fruit and one thing that you can do as a church in this city, is you can stand for the lives of unborn children.”  -Pastor Mark Mullaney

Watch this promo video to learn more about our latest effort to educate and active the Christian community in Albuquerque, New Mexico to end abortion in our city one woman, one child, one week at a time!

Also, in response to our efforts here in Albuquerque, Project 52 went national with Project 52 Milwaukee!

“We are Milwaukee Project 52 which started in Albuquerque. Bringing 52 churches together in Milwaukee to cover Abortion clinics 52 weeks a year in Prayer and outreach to women considering abortion.”

Share the awareness and hopefully we will hear about Project 52 kicking off in your city!

Click here for more information about Project 52.

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