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New Mexico Pro-Life Training Conference & Public Awareness Campaign Aug. 2-9th

New Mexico Pro-Life Training Conference & Public Awareness Campaign Aug. 2-9th

SURVIVORS & PROJECT DEFENDING LIFE teamed up to bring YOU the FIRST-EVER NEW MEXICO ProLife Training Conference in Albuquerque!

This was a FREE Conference

The ProLife Training Conference included, exclusive workshops and training sessions by experienced Pro-life leaders from across the nation for the purpose of “Building your confidence in standing for life.”

Topics Included: Why Pro-Life?, Defending the pro-life position, Sidewalk Counseling, Legal Rights, and much more.

Speakers included: Troy Newman: Operation Rescue, Cheryl Sullenger: Operation Rescue, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Project Defending Life, Jeff White: Survivors, Kristina Garza: Survivors, Brendon O’ Morchoe: Students For Life of America, Jason Walsh: Executive Director of Arizona Right To Life…and more!

Watch ALL of our guest speakers for the FIRST EVER, Survivors ABQ Pro-Life Training Conference:

Q & A with Bud and Tara hosted by Jeff White Founder/Director of Survivors

Troy Newman, Operation Rescue- “Pro-Life Nation”

Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue- “Abortion Facts”

Kristina Garza, Survivors- “Persuasively Defending Life”

Jason Walsh, Arizona Right to Life- “The History of Graphic Images in Social Reform”

Mark Harrington, Created Equal-  “Killers Among Us”

Brendan O’ Morchoe, Students For Life- “Pro-Life Leadership Training”

Don Blythe, At the Well Ministry- “Sidewalk Counseling”

A Rare Glimpse Into Our Survivors ABQ DO YOU KNOW? DO YOU CARE? Campaign

Jesus First TV: Interview with Survivors Founder and Director, Jeff White

Recap from Bud and Tara Shaver…Sept. Newsletter 2013: “A certain amount of social tension is necessary to cause change.”

Recap Of Articles About Survivors Visit To Albuquerque by “Pro-Life New Mexico”


Local ABQ news channel 4 KOB coverage of the Survivors Public Awareness Campaign, “ABQ Do You Know? Do You Care?”

Santa Fe Reporter- America’s Auschwitz?

New York Times- Albuquerque Becomes Latest Focal Point in Abortion Wars

VICE- The New Face of the Anti-Abortion Movement


For more information about our partners visit:
Project Defending Life

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Rally For LIFE: Late-Term Abortion Clinic SWO June 14,2013

Great turnout to Rally For LIFE! Around 50 people came out to show their support for LIFE and light up the darkness! We were a shining light to our community and shared the love and support the pro-life community has for the women and families coming from all across our state and all across the country for Late-Term abortions.

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato and Pastor Eric Lamb closed out the event in prayer and then we released all the balloons as a witness of our collective prayers of faith.

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Planned Parenthood Profits From and Covers Up Sexual Exploitation of Minors!

Planned Parenthood Profits From and Covers Up Sexual Exploitation of Minors!

By, Tara Shaver- Project Defending Life

Albuquerque, NM- In a recently obtained undercover phone call to Planned Parenthood of New Mexico, a 14 year old minor makes an abortion appointment. Not only is the client hiding the abortion from her parents, she is also making sure she can hide the fact that the boyfriend who got her pregnant is a 21 year old man.

This constitutes statutory rape and should be reported to authorities, however, the Planned Parenthood employee assures the minor that the Doctor, Shauna Jamison, won’t report it and that this type of thing happens, and is covered up by Planned Parenthood all the time!

It’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood continues to cover up for rapists since they profit from these lucrative abortions, but in New Mexico where abortion has no restrictions whatsoever, the point needs to be made that young girls are being sexually exploited and abortion doctors in this state are complicit!

In light of this unsettling revelation, Bud Shaver, spokesman for Project Defending Life issued the following statement, “Young girls in New Mexico cannot trust Planned Parenthood to do the right thing, so we are calling on New Mexico legislators to protect our young girls from sexual predators…and from Planned Parenthood!”

(Click above to watch the undercover video)
Read this great article on based on our undercover report: Planned Parenthood Tells Undercover Caller ‘Probably Won’t’ Report Statutory Rape
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