This Is What Unity Looks Like In The Wild, Wild West!

This Is What Unity Looks Like In The Wild, Wild West!

(Abortion Free New Mexico stood in Solidarity with the Sheriffs of New Mexico, the patriot community, the political leadership including the 2020 candidates and potential judges, In support of our God given right to self defense, that shall not be infringed!)

By Bud Shaver,

Undercover investigations, Patriot Rallies across New Mexico, Protest, Voter registration drives, candidate door to door efforts, candidate signature drives, prayer and lives saved.

This month we laid it all on the line!

Thank you for standing with us as the Lord has catapulted us into the new year! 2020 is a monumental year in which we believe the Lord is opening the door wide (Rev. 3:8) and raising up the leadership to make New Mexico Abortion Free! Thank you for continuing to sow into our ministry with your faithful prayers and support. We are so excited to share with you this month how the Lord has honored and answered your prayers. We have asked you to pray that more churches would open their doors, and so this month God answered big by helping us (through a friend) have a voter registration table at the largest church in the state

We have also asked you to pray for godly candidates to rise up, and God delivered in a big way as we discovered this month that there is a behind the scenes movement to recruit conservative candidates across New Mexico. We were also delighted to learn that a Christian woman and friend has decided to run against Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, the legislator who is an openly pro-abortion Catholic and consistently kills pro-life bills at the legislature! She had no idea of his reputation when she decided to run, but God knew!  We are also helping a dear friend Manny who is running against another NM State Senator who pushes the most radically progressive agenda in Santa Fe and who has never had a Republican challenger! Well in 2020 he will, and Tara is the official Treasurer of this campaign that will unseat him and help turn New Mexico Red!

Praise the Lord and please keep your prayers and support coming as we fight for LIFE and a better New Mexico for ALL. God Bless You!!

El Paso, TX- If we can’t get New Mexico to enforce their laws, we’ll try Texas!

“The total disregard by Gloria Martinez, as a nurse and clinic manager, to comply with both state and federal laws is quite concerning as her negligence poses serious life threatening consequences to the unsuspecting women who believe they are being seen by a licensed physician who is following proper protocols.” Tara Shaver Abortion Free New Mexico

In addition to the Texas Nursing Board, Abortion Free New Mexico has submitted this complaint to the Attorney General of Texas as well.  

In the News:


Santa Fe, NM- In an amazing turn of events, the radical pro-abortion agenda that was defeated last year has been tabled this legislative session due to the lack of votes! “We simply do not have the votes” Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe. Thanks to those who are standing together in solidarity to defend the sanctity of LIFE including the Republican legislators and the Pro-Life Catholic Democrat legislators, Governor Lujan Grisham’s radical pro-abortion agenda has been tabled this session and LIFE once again prevails!

UNM Health Sciences Chancellor, Paul Roth, who is the godfather of the radical abortion agenda at UNM announced his retirement and…

  • We joined the pro-life community in Santa Fe on January 22, 2020 for the Sanctity of Life Awareness and Unity Day.
  • God is answering our prayers to raise up Godly candidates to lead New Mexico under the Lordship of Christ, so we are all in and working hard to get them elected!
  • We knocked doors for several Conservative Candidates in a unified effort to get out the vote in 2020!
  • We were at the largest Evangelical Church in New Mexico registering voters all month! “We are too Mr. President!” This month we registered over 60 people! This is how we are working hard to help turn New Mexico Red down the ballot in 2020!
  • We stood in solidarity with the New Mexico Sheriffs, the Patriot community, and US Congressional Candidate Michelle Garcia Holmes (R- CD1) in support of our God given right to self defense, that shall not be infringed!

Albuquerque, New Mexico- Abortion Free New Mexico stood in Solidarity with the protesters out at the notorious late-term abortion killing center, Southwestern Women’s Options.

These lovely ladies (pictured above) came all the way from Canada to protest late-term abortion!

Joe (on the ladder) was recently arrested for ministering peacefully on his ladder! We put him in contact with our awesome lawyer Angelo and the charges were thrown out. So Joe is back!  Please keep his efforts in your prayers, countless (confirmed) babies have been saved due to his faithful protest presence. Yes, Protesting does save lives!

  • Did you know Albuquerque is known as the Late-Term Abortion Capital of the World?  
  • People come from all across the world to have their babies killed though all nine months of pregnancy! 
  • Why? Because New Mexico law allows it!  

“If we accomplish nothing else, we must succeed at protesting the evil of our generation!” Bud Shaver, Abortion Free New Mexico
  • We continued our weekly Faith To Action Prayer & Protest Presence out at UNM’s abortion clinic UNMCRH. Resolve to Protest in 2020!

Faith to Action Friday

Join Us in February!

Stand Up For Life in front of the University of New Mexico’s free standing abortion facility.

Please pray with us for New Mexico 

  • For: Abortionist Franz Theard’s conversion and for him to abandon his abortion businesses. (1 in NM and 1 in TX)  
  •  The Texas Board of Nursing complaint that we have filed against Gloria Martinez to result in the loss of her license.
  • For: The Pro-Life candidates that are collecting signatures and getting ready to launch their campaigns for the 2020 election. 
  • For: Christians to engage the culture war and for more churches to welcome us in to educate and register voters. 
  • For: Effective collaboration between like minded groups in New Mexico to end abortion, educate and effect future elections. 
  • Please pray for wisdom for us in our marriage, as parents and for our ministry to be fruitful. 

Thank you for standing with us for life! 

We are a Christian missionary family serving in Albuquerque, NM. Putting our faith into action, for the past 9 years we have exposed Albuquerque as the late term abortion capital of the nation and have worked to bring accountability to an unregulated abortion industry that is killing children in their mothers wombs up to the day of birth.

In order to be the most effective in our pro-life ministry, we do this important work full time while homeschooling our children and raising them to have a biblical worldview. We rely solely on the provision of the Lord and individuals like you to provide for our daily needs.

We are pursuing and working toward an abortion free New Mexico, where every pre-born child is valued and protected.

  • We couldn’t do this important work without God’s calling and hand upon us as well as your faithful prayers and support. 

We would be blessed to have you partner with us in this ministry. Your prayers and support are invaluable.

Ways to partner with us as we work to build an Abortion Free New Mexico

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Not Enough Votes, Pro-Death Agenda Tabled This Session

Not Enough Votes, Pro-Death Agenda Tabled This Session

By Bud Shaver

Santa Fe, NM- As New Mexico’s short 30 day legislative session kicks off in Santa Fe this week, it appears that the radical pro-abortion agenda that was defeated last year has been tabled this legislative session due to the lack of votes! 

  • See below for a recap of the last legislative session.

According to news reports,

“A new version of the abortion bill pushed last year by Lujan Grisham is not included on the governor’s agenda for this year’s session.

The bill died on the Senate floor last year when eight Senate Democrats joined the chamber’s Republican members in voting against it and Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe, recently said during a pre-session event that “we simply do not have the votes” to pass the legislation during this year’s 30-day session, according to a Santa Fe New Mexican report.

The legislative session begins Tuesday and goes until Feb. 20.”


Imitation is the greatest form of flattery! Apparently, Progress Now NM realizes how effective our tactics have been over the years and are distastefully implementing a few tactics out of our playbook with billboards and a “Truth Truck” this session! 

According to the New Mexico Political Report,

“The two billboards, from ProgressNow New Mexico*, will be on I-25 near the Budagher Drive exit, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The signs face both north and south so drivers traveling in either direction will be able to see the message. 

The two highway billboards both say, ‘Rape is about power and control. So are abortion bans.’

The second billboard will be on the side of a truck driving around the state Capitol building and downtown Santa Fe Tuesday.” 

For the duration of the last legislative session Abortion Free New Mexico sponsored the billboard (pictured below) on I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. We also mailed thousands of postcards to churches throughout the state and hand delivered postcards to every legislator urging them to oppose HB51 and HB90.

Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico, issued the following statement,

“Progress Now NM appears to be totally unhinged this session after the amazing defeat of all pro-death legislation last year. While it is true that rape is about power and control, so is abortion.

This messaging does not resonate with the majority of New Mexicans who value life and family.

The pro-abortion community always touts a woman’s right to have control over her body, however,  the control they demand is inevitably used to kill the innocent child within the womb during every abortion. On the other hand, abortion restrictions aim to protect the innocent, the one whom pro-abortion advocates impose their power and control over to the point of death.”

Thanks to those who are standing together in solidarity to defend the sanctity of LIFE including the Republican legislators and the Pro-Life Catholic Democrat legislators, Governor Lujan Grisham’s radical pro-abortion agenda has been tabled this session and LIFE once again prevails!


Catholic Democrats Join GOP to Defeat ‘Pro-Death’ Agenda in New Mexico

By Dr. Susan Berry

Pro-life advocates and Republicans in New Mexico are thanking the Catholic Democrats and other “patriots” who joined them [in] ending what was referred to as the “Pro-Death” agenda in the state legislature.
Bud Shaver, who leads, told Breitbart News the defeat of House Bill 51 was “pretty miraculous.”

“With the Democrat party in total control of both chambers of the legislature, and the power to sign any law into effect with newly elected governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, a radically pro-abortion Democrat, we knew that if there was to be any hope of opposing their pro-death agenda, it was vital to activate the voice of the people of New Mexico and reach the hearts of the Catholic Democrats and urge them to vote their faith,” Shaver said.

He added that one of the “most encouraging developments” for members of his group during this legislative session was the connection they made with the patriot community of New Mexico.

“We were proud to stand together and protest in the capital against the push by fringe leftist democrats to destroy the values that most New Mexicans hold so dear,” he said. “Patriots from all across New Mexico joined together as one voice for prayer for New Mexico and to support President Donald J. Trump, stand up for life, the Constitution, the Second Amendment, Free Speech, the wall and against illegal immigration, rigged elections, higher taxes and corruption running rampant in New Mexico!”
The “Pro-Death” agenda consisted of HB 51, which would have decriminalized abortion, and HB 90 and an identical state Senate bill, SB 153, which would have legalized assisted suicide.

HB 51 would have compelled doctors and nurses in New Mexico to perform abortions and – similar to New York’s new abortion law and the controversial Virginia legislation – would have removed all restrictions to abortion.

While New Mexico already allows abortion up until birth, HB 51 would have removed a criminal ban on abortion that has remained on the books since before the Supreme Court’s invention of a right to abortion in Roe v. Wade in 1973.

“The criminal abortion law that was enacted by the legislature in 1969 doesn’t need to be stripped from New Mexico law, but strictly enforced,” Shaver said.

“We needed six Democrats to oppose HB 51, which was the attempt by the radical elements within the Democrat party of New Mexico to remove the partially unenforceable criminal abortion law enacted by the legislature in 1969,” he explained. “In the end, eight Democrats voted to oppose HB 51.”

“We applaud the eight Democrats who voted their faith values in defense of life and broke rank with their radical extremist party that currently controls New Mexico,” he added.

Shaver said pro-life advocates are especially grateful for the efforts of the Catholic bishops of New Mexico who worked in defense of life. In addition to several official statements from the bishops. Abortion Free New Mexico noted the prayer vigil organized by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe in the rotunda of the capitol building. Archbishop John Wester welcomed people of all faiths to join in prayer to “move the hearts of the Democrat legislators to oppose pro-death legislation,” the pro-life group said.

Continue reading the full recap by Breitbart

(We put this Billboard up last year during the entire 2019 session!)

​We hit the ground running several months before the legislative session even began in 2019 by laying the foundation for our primary focus, reaching the hearts of Catholic Democrats. 

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UNM UPDATE: The Pro-Life Voice Was Heard, Exclusively

UNM UPDATE: The Pro-Life Voice Was Heard, Exclusively

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Abortion Free New Mexico had a protest presence to stand in opposition to the tax funded University of New Mexico’s radical abortion agenda, outside of the UNM Domenici Center, on Friday January 17, 2020… and then members of the group joined the committee that has been appointed to find a replacement for Dr. Paul Roth, Executive Vice President/Chancellor of the Health Sciences Center. 

According to an internal email from the University of New Mexico,

“Your feedback will help create the leadership profile used to develop the candidate pool for the next EVP/Chancellor​ of UNM Health Sciences.”

Apart from a representative of a sitting U.S. Congresswoman, the Pro-Life Community (which included several UNM alumni) were the only ones that showed up to speak to the committee!

The Pro-Life Voice Was Heard, Exclusively!

It was a great intimate setting where members of the pro-life community were able to EXCLUSIVELY voice their concerns about the radical abortion agenda that the University of New Mexico (UNM) has taken under Dr. Paul Roth’s tenure as Executive Vice President/Chancellor of the Health Sciences Center.

Tara Shaver, of Abortion Free New Mexico, was able to voice her concerns about UNM’s free standing abortion facility that performs abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, the U.S. Congressional Criminal Referral related to the use of aborted baby remains in research and was able to convey the fact that as we stood outside and spoke with medical students before the meeting, the majority of them were in agreement with our position and want UNM to change its direction to be more life affirming! Ultimately, she was able to encourage the committee to reform the University of New Mexico and help rebuild its reputation.

Please keep this committee in prayer as the seeds for life have been planted. Also, keep the University of New Mexico in prayer as they choose a new Executive Vice President/Chancellor of the Health Sciences Center, one that will take a more life affirming and morally conscientious direction under new leadership!

Faith To Action Friday

Abortion Free New Mexico conducts a weekly prayer and protest presence out at the University of New Mexico’s free standing abortion clinic. In addition to educating the general public about how the University is spending their tax dollars, Abortion Free New Mexico also reaches out to women by providing them support, encouragement, information, and life-affirming alternatives to the abortion services provided at the UNM Center for Reproductive Health located at 2301 Yale Blvd. SE in Albuquerque.

  • Join us  for Faith to Action Friday on January 24th and 20th from 12-1PM
  • The UNMCRH free standing abortion clinic is located at 2301 Yale Blvd in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Parking is available on Renard (off Yale)
  • ​Everyone is welcome to join us for this peaceful presence.​

Let’s stand together for life and strategically step out in faith to transform our community.

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