“Our Ultimate Hope…” Flashback to 2008 with Bud and Tara Shaver

“Our Ultimate Hope…” Flashback to 2008 with Bud and Tara Shaver

(Survivors Campus Life Tour Bud and Tara Interview)

Flashback to 2008 with Bud and Tara Shaver and witness our heart and hear our ultimate hope…

Bud and Tara Shaver conduct an interview back in 2008 while on the Campus Life Tour with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, “Our ultimate hope…” During our time with on tour with Survivors we visited over 180 college and high school campuses all across the country educating our peers with the truth about abortion. We were invading Liberal “Safe-Spaces” before it was cool!

For more information about Survivors visit: www.survivors.la

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Start The New Year 2016 Off Right…In The Word of God

Start The New Year 2016 Off Right…In The Word of God



By Bud and Tara Shaver

Going to try and be more consistent in reading the Bible this year- daily and first thing each day. Here’s what I read today. Just what I needed and how I want to live, may it bless you as well.

You can listen to the Bible online here. Also get a daily Bible reading plan for the year here.

Psalm 101
Of David. A psalm.

1 I will sing of your love and justice;
to you, Lord, I will sing praise.

2 I will be careful to lead a blameless life—when will you come to me?
I will conduct the affairs of my house with a blameless heart.

3 I will not look with approval
on anything that is vile.
I hate what faithless people do;
I will have no part in it.

4 The perverse of heart shall be far from me; I will have nothing to do with what is evil.

5 Whoever slanders their neighbor in secret, I will put to silence;
whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart, I will not tolerate.

6 My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; the one whose walk is blameless will minister to me.

7 No one who practices deceit
will dwell in my house;
no one who speaks falsely
will stand in my presence.

8 Every morning I will put to silence
all the wicked in the land;
I will cut off every evildoer
from the city of the Lord.

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Trifecta…Three Major Articles Exposing ALL Three Abortion Clinics In Our City

Trifecta…Three Major Articles Exposing ALL Three Abortion Clinics In Our City

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Trifecta…this past week three major articles were published exposing all three abortion killing centers in our city.

As pro-life missionaries we came here 5 years ago to make New Mexico abortion free. To have ALL three abortion clinics come under scrutiny in one week is a small victory!

Read the three articles here:

Reality Check: We’re at War Against Incarnate Evil

How Much Money Does it Take For New Mexico GOP Leadership to Turn A Blind Eye? 

Planned Parenthood moves to deflect attention 

As Christians reflecting Christ, we must be the light shining the truth into the darkness. It is our responsibility to rise above the status quo and apply the necessary pressure and to be the salt which has the ability to preserve our communities.

Albuquerque has a notorious reputation because of the killing centers that are located here but we are trying to change that. We want this city to be a safe haven for precious pre-born children, our modern day “Least of These.”

We can’t do this work without you! Thank you to everyone who has joined in national protests in your communities and who support our efforts through your faithful prayers and financial support.

You are invaluable in this battle for human life!

We encourage you to stay involved and use your time, talent and treasure to help save those staggering to the slaughter. (Prov. 24:12)

Click here to make a secure online donation.

Please mark your calendar for two protests we are holding this week. 

On Wednesday, October 21st we will hold our weekly overpass protest and since the Department of Transportation tried shutting us down a few weeks ago we really need more helpers to hold banners and signs. Join us from 5-6pm at GPS and park at 6000 Brentwood Ln. NE.

On Saturday, October 24th we will protest at Planned Parenthood (701 San Mateo Blvd NE.) from 10-11am. We must keep the pressure on and maintain a peaceful protest presence at this place of death.

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