2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #1

2013 The Year of Public Awareness- ABQ Year In Review Highlight #1

“New Mexico Pro-Life Training Conference & Public Awareness Campaign Aug. 2-9th”

SURVIVORS & PROJECT DEFENDING LIFE teamed up to bring YOU the FIRST-EVER NEW MEXICO ProLife Training Conference in Albuquerque!

The ProLife Training Conference included, exclusive workshops and training sessions by experienced Pro-life leaders from across the nation for the purpose of “Building your confidence in standing for life.”

Topics Included: Why Pro-Life?, Defending the pro-life position, Sidewalk Counseling, Legal Rights, and much more.

Speakers included: Troy Newman: Operation Rescue, Cheryl Sullenger: Operation Rescue, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Project Defending Life, Jeff White: Survivors, Kristina Garza: Survivors, Mark Harrington: Created Equal, Brendon O’ Morchoe: Students For Life of America, Jason Walsh: Executive Director of Arizona Right To Life…and more!

Watch ALL of our guest speakers for the FIRST EVER, Survivors ABQ Pro-Life Training Conference:

Q & A with Bud and Tara hosted by Jeff White Founder/Director of Survivors

Troy Newman, Operation Rescue- “Pro-Life Nation”

Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue- “Abortion Facts”

Kristina Garza, Survivors- “Persuasively Defending Life”

Jason Walsh, Arizona Right to Life- “The History of Graphic Images in Social Reform”

Mark Harrington, Created Equal- “Killers Among Us”

Brendan O’ Morchoe, Students For Life- “Pro-Life Leadership Training”

Don Blythe, At the Well Ministry- “Sidewalk Counseling”

A Rare Glimpse Into Our Survivors ABQ DO YOU KNOW? DO YOU CARE? Campaign

Jesus First TV: Interview with Survivors Founder and Director, Jeff White

Recap from Bud and Tara Shaver…Sept. Newsletter 2013: “A certain amount of social tension is necessary to cause change.”

Recap Of Articles About Survivors Visit To Albuquerque by “Pro-Life New Mexico”


Local ABQ News Channel 4 KOB coverage of the Survivors Public Awareness Campaign, “ABQ Do You Know? Do You Care?”

Santa Fe Reporter- America’s Auschwitz?

New York Times- Albuquerque Becomes Latest Focal Point in Abortion Wars

VICE- The New Face of the Anti-Abortion Movement


For more information about our partners visit:

Project Defending Life www.defendinglife.org

Survivors www.survivors.la

Operation Rescue www.operationrescue.org

Created Equal www.createdequal.net

Students for Life www.studentsforlife.org

Life Legal Defense Foundation www.lldf.org

Jesus First: Transformation Warehouse www.jesusfirst.com

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