Sidewalk Testimony: Faithfulness Remains

Sidewalk Testimony: Faithfulness Remains

by Bud Shaver

I’m out at UNM abortion clinic UNMCRH on a blustery, cold Mon. in January (13th). The wind has significantly minimized the signs I have displayed. I am holding on to two with all my strength, a very graphic one by Created Equal and one I had made spelling out UNM’s radical abortion agenda. Instead of debating whether the use of abortion victim images has a proper role in the public square, I’m just going to share what I just experienced while I was using them. A woman (45-50 years old) in her car glances over at me as she was leaving another business across the street from UNMCRH and all I heard was her clutch grinding into park. She got out of her car and walked straight over to me…I have witnessed alot over the years but this brought a seasoned activist to tears… while I was still holding on to my signs due to the strong winds, she embraced me and wept profusely for several minutes and then she left. The only words uttered were mine, “God bless you,” as she approached me and again as she left and her groans as she wept, only comprehensible to the Holy Spirit (Rom. 8:26). There is a place for debate, but when debate fails, small steps of faith remain and are what move the mountains.

I wrote this article defending the use graphic images of abortion victims:  The Use of Graphic Images, In Light of the Cross

There are some other great resources that defend in depth, the use of graphic images, I personally recommend these:

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