The Protest Priest Votes For Trump! Urges Clergy to Publicly Endorse Trump or Hillary Prior to Election

The Protest Priest Votes For Trump! Urges Clergy to Publicly Endorse Trump or Hillary Prior to Election

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM – In New Mexico we MUST take a stand against the unrestricted tyranny of the radical pro-abortion extremists and utilize the last peaceful option available to us…the ballot box!

Come November 8th, we MUST vote for the candidate that will implement the most effective policies for The Late-Term Abortion Capital …of the World! In New Mexico, it’s an easy decision, the choice is clear…



Fr. Stephen Imbarrato: The Protest Priest and founder of Protest ABQ issued the following statement,

“Considering the confused state of affairs here in the US where there is deep division among Catholics along 2 very disparate cultural and political ideologies coupled with varied and seemingly contradictory pronouncements from our shepherds, I propose that every clergy make public before the election who exactly they are voting for and why! Here is mine…

In order to stop or at least pause the anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-religion agenda prevalent in our country today, I am voting (today) for Donald J. Trump as the only viable anti-Hillary vote!

Every Catholic should know what ideology their priests and bishops are supporting. In other words, how many put political agenda before their faith.”



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  1. Hello thank you for all you do! What do I do if my pastor and my diocese appears to be apathetic at best, lukewarm and silent about pre-born child killing? My catholic pastor yelled at me in the front hall of our Catholic Church when I expressed I was bothered/upset that the election is over and I NEVER heard mention of pro-life as even an issue for Catholics to consider when voting?! Please help I feel our bishop is of similar beliefs/mindset of silence regarding abortion during election season. Their silence conveys the message that Catholics can vote without regard for abortion up until date of birth.

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