By Tara Shaver

Washington D.C.- Life Ministries U.S. launched a new campaign today titled: Send Birthday Greeting to President Trump Encouraging Personhood Presidential Executive Order. What better way to celebrate President Trump’s birthday together as a nation by ensuring that every American has a birthday.

We are asking friends of life to send a birthday greeting email to President Donald Trump encouraging the President to sign a Personhood Presidential Executive Order. (see draft below) We are hoping to reach the goal of 10,000 birthday greetings to President Trump over the next 48 hours. Nearly 3,000 have already reached out to the president in just the past 3 hours! Now we just need your help to surpass our goal. 

​Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, director of Life Ministries U.S issued the following statement,

“By signing this petition, we will send a birthday greeting on your behalf to President Trump.
The Personhood Presidential Executive Order could very possibly send the issue of Constitutional Personhood from the moment of fertilization to the Supreme Court of the United States. There is indisputable science and abundant case law (eg Joshua Craddock’s Harvard Law Review Treatise) showing that, under the 14th amendment, Constitutional Personhood begins at the moment of fertilization. How historic it would be for President Trump, on his birthday (June 14th; Flag Day), to recognize Constitutional Personhood from the moment of fertilization, giving all unborn babies an opportunity to have their day of birth celebrated . We encourage all Americans to wish President Trump a blessed and joyous birthday and to ask him to celebrate his birthday by signing the Personhood Presidential Executive Order. See for details.”

Here’s a Sample of the Presidential Executive Order Draft that we are asking the President to sign:

I, Donald Trump, by this Presidential Executive Order, based on indisputable science and abundant case law, do recognize and declare constitutional personhood from the moment of fertilization and I immediately direct all of my federal agencies and departments including the Department of Justice and all federal law enforcement to act accordingly.

When you sign this petition President Donald Trump will receive the following birthday greeting on your behalf, 

Please Give the Opportunity of Birth to All Children

Mr. President,

Many blessings on your 73rd birthday!

What a blessing to our country your Presidency and Administration have been. I am asking you to please celebrate your birthday by giving all unborn children the opportunity to celebrate their birthday by issuing the Personhood Presidential Executive Order, directing all federal agencies and departments (HHS, DOJ, all federal law enforcement, and others), based on indisputable science and abundant case law, to recognize Constitutional Personhood under the 14th amendment from the moment of fertilization. 
Mr. President, you have stated that “every child is a precious gift from God.” You also publicly stated on November 7th, 2018 that you are working on a solution to the abortion issue. I, and countless others, believe the Personhood Presidential Executive Order is the surest and quickest path for the Supreme Court to review and determine that, indeed, Constitutional Personhood does begin at fertilization.
We are praying for you, Mr. President today and every day, and we believe that freeing the unborn from slavery in the womb and giving every child conceived the opportunity to be born and celebrate their birthday is your legacy. I am sure that it is no small coincidence that a patriot such as yourself was born on the day we pay honor to our American flag! Thank you for your service to our country and your consideration of this historical opportunity. 
[Your Name]

  • Click here and help us reach 10,000 birthday greetings in 48 hours


Fr. Stephen Imbarrato spent HIS birthday this year in jail for the babies who will never see theirs…

The last Red Rose Rescue that took place on March 19, 2019 was Fr. Stephen Imbarrato’s birthday! He and Bud were willing to risk their freedom for the babies and are currently facing jail time for their Red Rose Rescue efforts in Washington D.C. 

  • Please pray that all of our collective efforts will reach the heart of President Trump so that all babies can have a birthday.

Click here to sign the petition and please share.

Why Red Rose Rescue? Why Washington D.C.?  

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