By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- As the dust clears after a hard fought political battle in New Mexico, we must pick ourselves up and continue to move forward. We are thankful to Congressman Steve Pearce, Michelle Garcia Holmes and all of the republican candidates, for laying it all on the line and remaining faithful to their vision for New Mexico!

Unfortunately, the radically progressive democrats have gained control of the Governor’s Office and both legislative chambers in New Mexico giving them free reign to push whatever agenda they wish. They have already stated their desire to remove the ONLY pro-life statute on the books in New Mexico:

  • The Criminal Abortion Statute [NMSA 1978 §30-5-3(C)] was passed by the New Mexico legislature [pre ROE vs. WADE in 1969] but was enjoined by a judge from being enforced.

Even though the heart of the statute, preventing late-term abortions from being performed outside of an accredited hospital, is not currently being enforced, some provisions are.

It is our prayer that from now until the next election cycle that more churches and political leaders will rise up to be more energized and bold in defense of life. We are eager to continue working with churches to see godly leaders rise up. Only then will we see an end to abortion in our state.

  • The body of Christ’s involvement is a vital component in making New Mexico Abortion Free. We want to empower your church with the tools it needs to be an integral part of building a culture of life in New Mexico. Click here to equip your church.

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Tara was interviewed for an article that was published on November 3rd in The Santa Fe New Mexican, which documents what we’ve been saying since 2010 about the booming business of late term abortions under Curtis Boyd, making New Mexico the Late-Term Abortion Capital of the WORLD.

“The Shavers have made campaigning against abortion their life’s work. Albuquerque, they often say, is “the late-term abortion capital of the world.”

Women are evading their own state’s abortion restrictions by coming to New Mexico to kill their babies and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is highlighted as making it possible.

Tara commented on the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice’s demonic work when she stated,

“she finds the religious coalition’s pro-faith, pro-abortion rights agenda “ironic.” “They support the killing of babies, and they’re helping women to kill their babies,” she said. “Being religious doesn’t buffer that at all.”

The abortion industry is constantly trying to remove the stigma that surrounds their practice of killing babies, but it will never happen, and by hiding behind fake religion only makes them seem desperate.

According to the article the percentage of abortions obtained by out of state women has increased along with the numbers of women seeking assistance from the RCRC.

  • 6 percent: New Mexico abortions procured by out-of-state women in 2010
  • 26 percent: New Mexico abortions procured by out-of-state women in 2016
  • 10: Number of women served by New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights in 2008
  • 105: Number of women served by the group in 2017

Sources: New Mexico Department of Health and New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC)

It’s also very troubling that the pro-aborts even admit and revel in the dark reputation that New Mexico has in a statement by abortion advocate, Sandra Penn, when she states, 

“I know that in some circles [New Mexico is] considered the worst place in hell for Americans, or something like that,” Penn said. “… But we’ve got to be damn proud that this is a place that women can look to, and where women feel safe.”

Of our ministry the article explains that in the past,

“On any given day, and especially on days when abortions are performed, protesters gather outside Boyd’s clinic. For years, Albuquerque missionaries Bud and Tara Shaver led the protests.”

  • We have now placed our primary focus on working to close the last 5 remaining abortion facilities in the state.

There is still much to be done but we need your help. Your prayers and support are vital and we can’t continue on without your support.

  • Please keep New Mexico in your prayers and consider setting up a monthly tax deductible donation or a one-time year end gift to ensure that we can continue to be a voice in a blue state with the opposition TO LIFE likely to increase.
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