New Mexico: A Habitation of Demons

New Mexico: A Habitation of Demons

By Fr. Stephen Imbarrato: The Protest Priest

New York Post: Sickening murder of 10-year-old ‘the most gruesome act of evil I’ve ever seen’

Albuquerque, NM- 10 YEAR POST BIRTH ABORTION!!!!! This is Susana Martinez’s New Mexico!!!! Reading this article, the horror and the evil jumps off the page, slaps you in the face, and breaks your heart. Dismembered, burned…the characterizations! “Unspeakable crime,” “most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen,” “A complete disregard for human life!”

Who does this to a child? Who? We do! Every day! This was the sadistic 10 year post birth abortion of a pre-teen child! Wake up ABQ!!!! This is our city and state! This is happening everyday in New Mexico. 

Just a few months ago, exposed diabolical Curtis Boyd (SWO ) was going to do the exact same thing to twin babies 35 weeks into term…the following week they were born completely healthy. These twins (like so many other pre-born babies) would have been murdered, (many by dismembering), sold and then possibly dismembered in some gruesome experimentation by Dr Paul Roth‘s University of New Mexico, and finally disposed of by incineration!

We dismember and burn pre-born babies every day in ABQ and NM. Governor Martinez has said nothing for 7 years. State politicians are silent. Community and religious leaders look the other way. No one says anything. No one does anything.

I am appalled and horrified by this crime and every horrific moral abomination done to children in our culture, country, state, and city.

Poor Victoria was the victim of an 10 year post birth abortion. She was brutally destroyed on her 10 birthday. Here is NM, the same thing could have happened to her on the day she would have actually been born and it would have been perfectly acceptable to the leaders of our state.

“Unspeakable crime!” These are the exact words St Pope John Paul II use in the “Gospel of Life” to describe abortion. He calls it “murder!”

Dearest Victoria, may you rest in peace, and may your death open the eyes of the elected officials and all the leaders of our state! May they see, in your death, the horror before us…the daily murdering, dismemberment, and burning of our children. May Jesus have mercy on us all.

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