Fr. Imbarrato Calls On Governor Susana Martinez to Resign

Fr. Imbarrato Calls On Governor Susana Martinez to Resign

By Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Local and National Pro-Life Activist on staff with Priests For Life

Isn’t it time for New Mexican conservatives especially the Prolife community to unite and demand Susana Martinez’s resignation. It is time to let John Sanchez restore integrity and true family and life values to our state. Will the Prolife community remain as silent about Martinez as she has been about the out of control abortion industry in our state?

PLEASE SHARE THIS!!!! We need to let the entire country know how horrible our Governor is. This news report is only part of her terrible tenure here in NM. She is the worst PLINO (pro-life in name only) politician in the country.


How is Susana Martinez not the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party? Anyone listening to this news report [Here] can clearly see she is dodging, weaving, and lying just like Hillary does. Has anyone asked who else was at the party? Time to go, Susana! John Sanchez would be a much more respectable Governor and leader of the Republican Party. Please resign so the Republican Party can regroup from your embarrassing tenure as Governor.

“Audio files and [all of] the fallout from the infamous 2015 holiday party and post-party in a hotel room that caused hotel to call the police on a loud room—one that happened to include Gov. Susana Martinez. Martinez also spoke to police and security” Compiled by New Mexico Political Report here.

“In new audio [below], officer, security guard say Gov. Martinez appears ‘inebriated’” (Audio files released by New Mexico Political Report)


“Audio below: The first clip is the front desk calling police. The second clip has the woman at the front desk saying Martinez is there to speak to police and Martinez speaks to a dispatcher. The third clip features Martinez speaking to a dispatcher and police.” (Audio files released by New Mexico Political Report)


Protest ABQ has been sounding the alarm about Governor Susana Martinez and her administration. Find out why here: Silent Susana

New Mexico is currently ranked the worst state in the nation in almost all the polls…and Albuquerque is known nationally as the Late-Term Abortion Capital of America.

Albuquerque is the Late-Term Abortion Capital of America

New Mexico ranks as the worst-run state in the nation! 

NM has nation’s highest unemployment

New Mexico ranks worst in U.S. for poverty

Report: NM ranks 2nd in nation for violent crime

NM still ranks 49th in child well-being

New Mexico ranks near the bottom in yet another national report on educational achievement.

Albuquerque ranks near bottom in list of best, worst cities for families

Fortune: ABQ rock bottom for home ownership

New Mexico drivers rank second-worst in U.S.

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NM Gov. Martinez Tells Santa Fe Police Dispatch: “Call Off Your Officers” Who Respond to Party Complaint

NM Taxpayers Paid For Guv’s Booze and Pizza Party, Police Sgt. Says Guv Was ‘Inebriated’

Audio and More Here

Governor Parties While State Burns

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