December 6, 2022


By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, New Mexico– A New Mexico Environment Department investigation prompted by Abortion Free New Mexico reveals multiple violations on the part of the Planned Parenthood surgical center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as the unregistered waste hauler that Planned Parenthood hired to take away aborted babies for disposal.

Abortion Free New Mexico received tips and photos from local sidewalk counselors of an unmarked truck with Texas license plates that comes weekly and takes away red biohazard waste buckets full of dead babies. This prompted Abortion Free New Mexico to file a complaint on March 23, 2021 with the New Mexico Environment Department once it was discovered that it is a violation of NMAC (A)(7) and (8) which requires commercial haulers of infectious waste to:  

(7) conspicuously label all solid waste collection vehicles with the company, municipality, or county department name;  

(8) conspicuously label all solid waste collection vehicles with the environment department registration number.

Tara Shaver- Planned Parent… by Bud Shaver

Results of the New Mexico Environment Department investigation were sent to Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico on October 28, 2021. Planned Parenthood of New Mexico hired Oncore Technology, LLC, which has been an unregistered waste hauler in New Mexico since March 2019.

The manifests that Oncore Technology, LLC utilized when picking up waste from Planned Parenthood had another company’s waste hauler number on them. That company is Biocycle and was, according to Thomas Simons, Operations Manager for Oncore Technology, purchased by Oncore Technology, LLC. However, the company failed to re-register properly with the state of New Mexico Environment Department but continued the grisly business of transporting aborted babies for disposal. 

All violations by Oncore Technology LLC include:

  • Failure to renew the commercial hauler registration
  • Misrepresentation of information on special waste manifests
  • Failure to properly complete special waste manifests
  • Failure to properly label vehicles for infectious waste removal

​Oncore Technology, LLC, also known as Oncore Health Solutions and Biocycle is located in Grand Prairie, Texas, the state which has most recently banned abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy. The irony is that while Texas women are traveling to New Mexico for abortions, when they go to Planned Parenthood their aborted babies are transported back to Texas to be disposed of as biohazard waste.

Planned Parenthood In Violation

The New Mexico Environment Department investigation also revealed that Planned Parenthood was in violation of failure to sufficiently complete the generator blocks of the special waste manifests, whereby the Planned Parenthood representative wrote only their first name, Raquel and signed only with the letter “R.”

Report of Investigation- On… by Bud Shaver

Planned Parenthood provided 17 weeks worth of manifests to the New Mexico Environment Department for their investigation. These documents provide insight into how many pounds of biohazard waste, which includes aborted babies, is being disposed of on a weekly basis. On nine of the 17 weeks, three 28 gallon drums per week were taken away for disposal. On the remaining 8 weeks two 28 gallon drums of waste were handed over per week by the nations largest abortion provider. These babies remains are then transported to Grand Prairie, TX for disposal. 

In a written letter the New Mexico Environment Department has given Oncore Technology, LLC  10 days (from October 28, 2021) to respond with what action they have taken, or plan to take, to correct the violations. The letter also stated that  “the failure to assure corrective action or continued non-compliance may result in additional enforcement action, which may include the assessment of a civil penalty.” Abortion Free New Mexico plans to contact the company directly to ask them to stop enabling the killing business of Planned Parenthood.

Notice of Violation – Oncor… by Bud Shaver

Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico issued the following statement,

“Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood rely so desperately upon waste disposal companies, that they are willing to employ unregistered haulers in order to keep the bodies from piling up.

Abortion Free New Mexico’s complaint filed with the New Mexico Environment Department revealed multiple violations that give us a glimpse into how both abortion providers and their haulers operate, often without compliance of rules and regulations. Oncore Technology, LLC who is enabling Planned Parenthood surgical center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico has 10 days (from October 28, 2021) to correct multiple violations or face additional enforcement action.

Biohazard Waste Hauling and disposal companies are the weak link of the abortion industry which is why Abortion Free New Mexico launched Project Weak Link New Mexico with Created Equal several months ago. These companies make it possible for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to kill innocent unborn babies and then inhumanely discard of their bodies as biohazard waste.”

Note: The Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque is affiliated with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.


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