April Newsletter 2011: Changing Lives, One Life at a Time

April Newsletter 2011: Changing Lives, One Life at a Time

Cayden Josiah born in March.

John 15:5: Bear Much Fruit

This month we have begun to see the fruit of our labor working here in Albuquerque. Three babies have been born as a direct result of our efforts in reaching out at the late term abortion facility and Planned Parenthood. One of these mom’s was homeless and unsure of her future when we met her. Thankfully she was able to move right into PDL’s maternity home. She now has a beautiful baby boy and is almost finished with a dental assistant certification program that she began after she moved into the maternity home.

Another mom’s father was pressuring her to abort at 16 weeks. She was able to receive help and support from PDL and she is currently not living with her father but with supportive family and her baby boy in California. The third mom had been dropped off 5 times by her abusive boyfriend for an abortion and finally when Bud reached out to her at Boyd’s Late-Term clinic she hurried over to him and only had one question for him; it was, “Do you have a place for me to stay …tonight?” Bud responded with “Yes, as a matter of fact we do.” She was able to stay at PDL’s maternity home as well. She now has a beautiful baby girl.

Neither one of these women had life affirming support before they met us at the clinic. It is such a reward to see these little lives that have the potential to change the world with their very own life saving testimonies. We are simply thankful to be used on a daily basis for God’s service. When we consider all of the victories we are seeing, we are even more amazed at what must be happening that we are unable to see. We continue to trust God, that he is moving in powerful ways.

Changing Lives, One at a Time

One Tuesday this month was truly a day of God’s providence. Outside of Boyd’s late term facility a woman walked up on her phone. She hadn’t come from the clinic, but it wasn’t clear where she was going. She just stood there on the phone. I decided to approach her to see if we could help. She explained that she had an appointment but was lost. I asked what the appointment was for and where she was from. She had come 230 miles to see a Doctor regarding her heart murmur and high blood pressure. As I tried to help her find out where she needed to be, I felt God tugging at my heart to find out more about her. I offered to take her where she needed to go and then she asked me if we were with a church group. I explained to her that our ministry was to help pregnant mom’s and that yes we were Christians. It seemed natural to then ask her if she was pregnant. She said yes!

We then found out that her doctor back home is concerned about her high blood pressure and had sent her to ABQ’s abortion hospital for a consult and testing. Her doctor had already planted the possibility of an abortion being a necessity for her situation. She was very concerned because she wants her baby. I was able to counsel her and encourage as I knew she was headed for the wolves at UNM. Thanks be to God that a volunteer who had come to pray at the clinic today was willing to take her to her appointment so that I could stay at the clinic. The woman had an exam at the hospital where abortion again was mentioned. She was then admitted to the hospital to undergo tests. Graciously the volunteer who brought her to the hospital stayed with her until she was admitted, bought her lunch and bought her clothes and toiletries for her stay. What a powerful testimony of what God can do when His people work together! I spent the rest of the day seeking out pro-life physicians to be involved with this woman’s case and to be a voice for life amidst the darkness at UNM.

That evening I called the woman in her room at the hospital. She has such a sweet spirit, full of gratitude and optimism. Thanks be to God that up to this point of the day all of her tests have been with good results. I asked her if she needed any-thing for the following day because I planned to go visit and encourage her. All she asked for was a Bible study! Praise be to God! I am so amazed that in her difficult situation so far away from home that the one thing she wants is to seek God through His word.

She ended up staying in the hospital for 4 nights and was then released. The last test the doctors performed was a heart catheter, and we really believed that whatever was wrong with her heart would lead the doctors to again recommend abortion. Thankfully her heart was not as bad as they thought! God can work miracles! She is scheduled to come back to ABQ at least once a month for continued monitoring and testing. Please continue to pray for her and her baby!

As Bud and several other people were praying out at Boyd’s late-term abortion clinic, a car pulled up and two women got out of the car. One of the women was obviously pregnant, the other one just looked con-fused as Bud offered help and hope. They went into the clinic, and several minutes later, the driver (who looked confused) came back out and began speaking with one of our sidewalk counselors. They spoke for several minutes and then the pregnant mom came out of the clinic and her sister called her over to talk with the counselor as well. After a few minutes they called Bud over to explain all the ways that Project Defending Life could help her.

Bud spoke with the pregnant mom and explained how dangerous the late-term procedure was and that several women had in fact died as a result. The mom was adamant that she did not want our help because she is addicted to alcohol and unwilling to quit drinking. We pleaded with her to at least go to PDL and that she had nothing to lose by sitting down with someone who can help her. She wasn’t interested and walked back into the abortion clinic. We could really sense the spiritual battle that was taking place.

Her sister then broke down crying and told us that she had no idea that this was an abortion clinic. She was under the impression that they were going there for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. She was appalled when she went inside and the staff was explaining the late-term procedure and how they would give an injection into the baby’s heart today and it would die and then it would take three to four days to complete the abortion. She ran out and did not want to go back in. She asked her pregnant sister how she knew about this place and she told her that their mom (who now is in jail) had taken her 6 months ago for a previous abortion. She said that her sister is homeless and in an abusive relationship. The family has tried to help her get off drugs but nothing has worked. I asked if we could pray for her and she said yes.

A few minutes later, her sister came back out of the abortion clinic and said that she was interested in what we had to offer, and she also said she was going to cut back on her alcohol use. Another sidewalk counselor took them both over to Project Defending Life and she is receiving help. Only God knows what would have happened if someone wasn’t there to offer help. Currently the pregnant mom has met with Laura, PDL’s Mom’s Ministry leader. Laura has gotten her some things that she needs and has even met with the moms boyfriend. We are now looking forward to meeting her baby in the next couple of months! Glory be to God!

A woman came to Boyd’s Late-Term abortion clinic for the first time to join 40 Days For Life. The first person she talked to just so happened to be her son who drove by and was surprised to see his mom holding a sign stating: “Jesus Forgives and Heals.” The next sign he and his girlfriend saw, was the reality of abortion. They both break down and confide with her that they had an abortion. She was able to share the grace and love of Jesus with them. The life saved out at an abortion clinic may be your son or daughter…for eternity.

 Making the Most of Every Opportunity!

God continues to provide opportunities for us to share our work and encourage others to get involved. We were both asked to testify in Santa Fe regarding a parental notification bill that was being introduced. Bud also spoke to 2 different groups of men about abortion in Albuquerque and how to get involved. He had several interviews on three local Christian radio stations about 40 Days for Life and our ministry.

40 Days for Life is still going on and in Albuquerque there have been at least 8 babies saved and over 400 volunteers have taken part in this campaign. God is moving in Albuquerque and we can’t wait to see what He is going to do through the efforts of His faithful servants.

Thank you everyone who is lifting our ministry up in prayer. God continues to be faithfully protecting, providing and blessing our efforts. Thank you as well to all of our financial partners. Our work here is impossible without your help. Thankfully, each month we are getting closer to our ultimate monthly goal. Please let us know how we can pray for you!

The most powerful and effective tool we have in ending abortion is prayer. Individual prayer and group prayer, prayer at home and prayer at the clinic. We need prayer warriors to cover Boyd’s clinic! If you are anywhere near ABQ please come and pray where the killing is taking place. Like Ephesians 6:12 says” For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”…. so join us in this spiritual battle for the lives of these babies and the souls of their Mother

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