By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Join us this week in prayer and fasting for the upcoming election and an end to abortion in New Mexico. This week’s prayer focus is that the pro-life Christian community in New Mexico will rise up and use their vote on election day to appoint godly leaders that have committed to protect the lives of the unborn. As the verse below states, “Support those who do good and stop those who do evil, the Lord always condemns evil,” and so should we. So on this third week of standing together for life through prayer and fasting, see the prayer points below and join us at the site of the first “Vote Pro-Life” billboard in Albuquerque on Wednesday, October 17th at 10:00am.


Stop those who do evil.  Support those who do good. God, you are fair. You know what people are thinking. God helps people who want to do right, so he will protect me. God is a good judge. He always condemns evil. (Psalm 7: 9-11)

Prayer points this week:

  • For good leadership in New Mexico according to Biblical standards.
  • Pray for hearts to be opened to life in New Mexico at abortion centers and polling places.
  • Pray for those who do evil to repent and turn to Christ, abortionists, clinic staff, ungodly leaders, etc.

You’re Invited!


  • Moderated by Vickie Perea
  • Michael Hendricks, New Mexico Attorney General candidate 
  • Gavin Clarkson, New Mexico Secretary of State candidate
  • Statement from Michelle Garcia Holmes, Lt. Governor candidate
  • Mark Gonzalez, Hispanic Action Network
  • Manny and Grace Lardizabal, Transformation Ministries
  • Tara Shaver, Life Ministries U.S./Abortion Free New Mexico
  • Felicia Silva, Mother of one of the babies featured on the billboard

DATE: Wednesday, October 17th
TIME: 10:00AM
LOCATION: Central Ave NW and New York Ave. NW, it is located right before you reach the Albuquerque Aquarium and directly across the street from El Vado. Please use street parking outside of the Aquarium or inside the Aquarium parking lot. (2601 Central Ave NW Albuquerque NM 87104)

Statements Issued about Pro-Life Billboard:

Michelle Garcia Holmes who is running for Lt. Governor (R) issued the following statement for the press,

“It is a blessing to see people from the faith community unite and stand up against the horrible act of late-term termination of babies in the state of New Mexico, 43 other states have a ban on this agregious act and so should New Mexico. Life is precious, these are children who deserve a chance to be born. The answer is very clear, red, green or life? Choose life New Mexico!”

Michael Hendricks who is running for New Mexico Attorney General (R) is speaking at the press conference and he issued the following statement,

“A government that condones, supports, and legislates the legalized killing of babies in the womb, shows that it does not place value on life. Why would the same government that does not value the lives of the unborn value the lives of the born? The answer is: they don’t. New Mexico is ridden with crime and born children being murdered due to the incompetence of failed systems. Addicts and mentally ill being thrown into jail without the systems addressing their real root cause problems. Pervasive homelessness without a system or community that steps up to help. It is all an issue of the heart. We must take a hard look inward and realign our values with what is Right; only then will we see a healing in our state.”

Tara Shaver, Life Ministries U.S. and Abortion Free New Mexico issued the following:

“The voters of New Mexico have the chance to change the direction of our state on November 6th. Unrestricted abortion up to the day of birth has cast a darkness over this state, but our votes matter and can save babies lives and restore New Mexico’s reputation. New Mexicans hold to traditions that include a love of family, pride in this great state, and being known internationally for our green and red chile. Our prayer is that this billboard penetrates hearts and impresses upon those who see it to vote pro-life on November 6th. We thank everyone who has contributed to this project and made it possible.”

Here is the pro-life billboard revealed this week!

Abortion Free New Mexico has been asked to join in weekly prayer and fasting on Wednesdays during the month of October leading up to election day on November 6, 2018specifically for the upcoming election and for an end to abortion in New Mexico. We invite those in the body of Christ who are able to, to join us in this spiritual discipline.

  • This is a united effort between both Non-Catholic and Catholic Christians who are committed to ending abortion in New Mexico.

Fasting can be done in many ways.

  • Some may choose to fast from sunrise to sunset.
  • Others may choose to fast from 6:00am-3:00pm as a partial fast.
  • For others, a fast might be one full meal for the day, as well as two smaller meals that together are not equal to a full meal.

The upcoming election is 21 days away and in New Mexico it will absolutely determine whether or not the Land of Enchantment elects leaders who will stand for justice and righteousness or corruption and bedlam.

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