Last Chance to OPPOSE Assisted Suicide (HB 90) Before House Floor Vote

Last Chance to OPPOSE Assisted Suicide (HB 90) Before House Floor Vote


By Bud Shaver

Santa Fe, NM- This is your last chance to let your elected representatives know that you want them to OPPOSE the radical Pro-Death assisted suicide bill HB 90 ELIZABETH WHITEFIELD END OF LIFE OPTIONS ACTbefore the New Mexico House votes on it. 

Abortion Free New Mexico is committed to preserving life in New Mexico from conception to natural death. HB 90 is the most extreme suicide bill that doesn’t just give an individual the ability to kill themselves, it will also negatively impact those who cannot make these decisions for themselves. Those like Terry Schiavo, who are left at the mercy of their spouse or a child whose parents are mislead by their physician. The acceptance of assisted suicide in our state only expands the culture of death we are fighting so hard to eradicate.

“The last enemy to be destroyed is death.”  (1 Corinthians 15:26 )

According to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition HB 90:

  1. Allows nurses and physician assistants to participate in assisted suicide by defining “health care provider” to include: a licensed physician, a licensed osteopathic physician, a licensed nurse, and a licensed physician assistant. 
  2. Does not require the person to “self administer.” The bill states “may self-administer” meaning that euthanasia is possible.
  3. Reduces waiting period to 48 hours to receive the lethal drugs.
  4. Allows people with mental health disorders to die by assisted suicide by enabling licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, master social worker, psychiatric nurse practitioner or professional clinical mental health counselor to approve assisted suicide for people with mental health disorders.
  5. Requires health care providers to falsify the death certificate.
  6. Removes conscience rights for health care providers who object to assisted suicide by requiring them to refer patients to a health care provider who is willing to prescribe assisted suicide.
  7. Basis decisions on a “good faith compliance.”  It is impossible to prove that someone who participated in the act did not do so in “good faith.”
  8. Replaces the undefined term: “foreseeable future.”  with the normal 6 month terminal diagnosis.

Take Action

Sponsored by:
Deborah A. Armstrong 
Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics

PLEASE Contact the Following House Judiciary Committee Members and respectfully ask them to OPPOSE HB 90:

House Judiciary Committee Members

(Click their name for phone/email contact information)

  • If you would like to testify in Santa Fe: Friday, February 8, 2019  –  Room 309 (TIME 1:30pm)


Thank you for standing with us for life and truth! 

“Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.” (3 John 1:8) 

When you sow into our ministry with your tithes and offerings you are investing in an Abortion Free New Mexico. 

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