In The Midst Of Chaos…A Moment To Hope!

In The Midst Of Chaos…A Moment To Hope!

 By Bud Shaver

Today (July 3rd, 2012) after spending several hours at Late-Term abortion mill (SWO) in Albuquerque, NM reaching out to abortion minded couples and just being ignored or angrily “flipped off!” I drove the Truth Truck back to where it is stored and then headed to Project Defending Life (PDL). After being there for a while taking care of business and speaking with volunteers I headed out the door. As I was leaving I just glanced over and saw a couple being helped by our Gabriel Project volunteer and I sort of recognized the couple but in the moment, couldn’t remember where I had seen them before…That is until I walked outside and saw a very unique bright yellow truck! All of a sudden I realized where I recognized the couple from. Over a year ago, I had spoken with the boyfriend and given him information about PDL when he had dropped off his girlfriend for an abortion. He had told me that it was too late and that his girlfriend had already gone back for the abortion.

Due to confidentiality policies at PDL I will never know for sure, but just the possibility stopped me in my tracks for a moment to hope that even though we were not able to spare his girlfriend and previous child from the tragedy of abortion… That our presence and faithful commitment to be present at the abortion mill over a year ago, saved this child and spared them from the tragic mistake of another abortion!

The number one question I am asked is “Are you really effective in your ministry?” I always emphatically respond…”Yes we are always effective when we step out in faith and publicly stand against injustice even if we never know if we ever saved even one baby, just being present is enough!”…And you never know, possibly more babies are being saved then we will ever know! One thing is for sure, God knows what we are doing to rescue those being led away to death, the lives being saved, and He will repay everyone according to what they have done!

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