Ignorant & Idiotic…Modern Day Fool’s For Christ

Ignorant & Idiotic…Modern Day Fool’s For Christ

By Bud Shaver
Today (August 23, 2012) out at UNM abortion mill UNMCRH, a guy came over to state how ignorant, idiotic, down right evil it was for us to be out in front of an abortion clinic. I asked him “Why?” He went on to say how hypocritical Christians are and he had his list of course! I told him “How about I concede everything you just stated about Christians, and allow me to ask you…How is it, that you are anti-war, anti-death penalty, anti-violence, pro-social justice, but you support the most brutal form of violence…abortion? Abortion has killed more people in our country than all the wars, violence, people executed by the death penalty, and all the other social injustices of our past…combined!” His response was, “The unborn aren’t sentient, and therefore not persons.”

I asked him, “Just suppose the unborn were equally human persons as you or I, then would you concede your own hypocrisy?” He said he could see my point…but then he went on another rant about Christians and their different interpretations of the Bible, “You just believe what you want to believe!” I replied “How about I concede that frustration with you…But why do you look at the empirical scientific data which unanimously and clearly states that the unborn are alive, biologically distinct from their mothers, and human, but through some philosophical leap (about sentience) come up with your own interpretation of the data and arbitrarily conclude that the unborn aren’t persons…”You just believe what you want to believe!” He said he saw my point.

He then went on to say how useless it was to be out at the abortion clinics and that we were wasting our time and embarrassing ourselves. I said, “Really…? Just this week we were able to reach out to a young (High School) girl and because of our presence, she did not kill her child! Last week we were able to help a woman from Washington, who was 7 months pregnant and I know she did not kill her child either…because my wife Tara Shaver spoke to her today and is keeping in contact with her in case she needs more help! In fact, just this month alone…I know that our presence out at local abortion clinics saved 10 children from a violent and brutal death!” He said “Wow…! Of all of my talk and all that I have protested, I can’t say that it has resulted in saving…one person!”

We talked about a few other things, but I then went on to tell him that we have documented and publicized how dangerous abortion clinics are including the one we were standing out in front of, in fact it is currently under investigation by the New Mexico medical board, based on our research and subsequent complaints! He said, “You should make some signs up about that and have those signs out here.” I said, “How about you make some signs up and join us out here! He laughed and we shook hands and hugged!

What seemed idiotic, meaningless, foolish to him earlier was now…Commendable!

When we step out in faith and publicly Stand For Life, the world may deem us foolish, but we are making a difference…“Making Friends With Our Enemies”…and ending abortion one woman, one child, one day at a time!

To God be the Glory!

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