God Has Called Us To Be Faithful

God Has Called Us To Be Faithful

By Bud Shaver

Tara and I have sidewalk counseled for several years and in several states. We have started abortion clinic outreaches from scratch, where there was no presence out at the local abortion clinic at all. We have felt like we were all alone at times and we have felt like it was impossible to activate Christians to get involved to end the abortion holocaust. During that time we had a few turnarounds but we also found out later that one of the women who turned around later went through with the abortion another day at a different abortion clinic. We know that it is impossible to gauge success in this type of ministry. Echoing the words of Mother Teresa, “God has not called me to be successful. He called me to be faithful.”

However, Tara and I have been amazed by how many positive meetings we have had with church leaders here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and are encouraged by the fact that we have several pro-life educational presentations lined up at several churches. During the past few months, our efforts out at the late-term abortion clinic here in Albuquerque have resulted in several turnarounds and we have confirmation of several babies being saved. While it is so very important to stand for life at the abortion clinic, this is only one aspect of what results in women choosing life and leaving the abortion clinic with her child.

A question I have been asking myself lately is: “What is so different here that has contributed to such a positive difference than in other places that we have engaged in pro-life outreach?” One of the primary things that I have observed over the past few months here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the commitment to prayer to end abortion by so many people of different Christian denominations. I truly believe that abortion is the result of evil spiritual forces and must be defeated using spiritual means. Prayer is one of the most important ways of engaging in this spiritual battle. Individual prayer and group prayer; prayer at home and prayer out at the abortion clinic, we must stand in the gap for our communities and our nation. This commitment to prayer has made an obvious difference.

Another thing that I have observed that has been different here in Albuquerque, than in other cities, is the commitment to working together with all people of the Christian faith. People of different denominations have committed to reaching out and having a peaceful presence out at the abortion clinic. If they cannot come to the abortion clinic, they find other ways to stand for life and support abortion minded women. I truly believe that God can and has blessed this level of unified outreach to engage the injustice of abortion. One of Jesus’ last requests before he went to the cross was that his followers live in unity and love one another. In fact this is how the world will learn of Gods love. (John 17:20-23)

The final thing that I have observed that has contributed to the confirmed saves of several babies is the resources that have been provided by the generosity of many Christians. Having tangible ways of helping women in crisis can and does save lives. The realization of the urgent nature of helping abortion-minded women by the Christian community is key. While it is vitally important to have a peaceful, prayerful presence out at the abortion clinic to reach out to every abortion minded woman…it is not the only way to stand for life.

I encourage all Christians everywhere to seek out ways to get involved and be used to promote a culture that values human life.

Written by Bud for: STAND FOR LIFE

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