You Can Help Stop Democide: Death By The State

You Can Help Stop Democide: Death By The State

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, New Mexico- Did you know that Democide: Death by the State, has killed millions of people over the past century? In our modern era, legalized or state sponsored abortion has surpassed all of the past tyrannical regimes combined!

  • Life Institute estimates that over the past 50 years, 1.5 Billion innocent lives were killed by abortion around the world.
  • In America, our government has killed over 62 million lives through state sanctioned abortion since 1973.

For Sanctity of Human Life Sunday this year, Bud Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico was the guest speaker at Church of Our Lord, Anglican Church in Albuquerque. His sermon was titled, “Roe Revisited 48 Years of Legalized Abortion In America: Its Implications on Our Country and The Body of Christ”. He presented some of these shocking statistics, the history of abortion in America, and why New Mexico has been our mission field since 2010.

In addition, Bud also shared how we can utilize our voice in two ways right now to stop democide by our government…

Roe Revisited, 48 Years of State Sponsored Death from Bud and Tara Shaver on Vimeo.

Join Us This Week:

Oppose two radical pro-death pieces of legislation currently introduced this legislative session, “REPEAL ABORTION BAN” SB10 (and its corresponding House Bill HB7). Also on their agenda is an assisted suicide bill titled “End of Life Options” HB 47

  • Visit for the latest legislative updates and how to contact your legislators! 

Did you know Tax Funded University of New Mexico is performing late-term abortions? 

  • Join us for Faith to Action Friday this week, Friday February 5, 2021. (Note: Faith to Action Friday has moved to the first Friday of each month.)
  • The UNMCRH free standing abortion clinic is located at 2301 Yale Blvd in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Also, be sure to read and share our latest report: BREAKING: 28 WEEK PRE-BORN BABY DIES IN UTERO AFTER MATERNAL COVID VACCINATION

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