Project Defending Life Supports Efforts To Protect Human Life

Project Defending Life Supports Efforts To Protect Human Life


Albuquerque, NM- Today marks the 40th year of legalized abortion in America. Abortion on demand in America has taken the lives of over 55 million innocent children and has forever wounded their mothers. As a nation we mourn this loss, but we also hope for and work toward the protection of the pre-born in the womb. New Mexico protects none of its pre-born children in the womb, but today there is reason to hope that this will change.

Members of Project Defending Life met with several New Mexico Legislators on January 16th to bring light to the current abortion crisis in the state. Vital information was presented to them that has been obtained through research and experience of interacting with individuals every day entering Albuquerque abortion clinics. These State leaders were encouraged to establish a relevant strategy to address the fact that New Mexico is one of 10 states without any common sense laws regarding abortion.

“The fact remains that if the laws in New Mexico were just 1% Pro-Life, that would be better than what the laws currently are: 100% Pro-Abortion. That 1% would not be compromise, it would be progress,” stated Bud Shaver spokesperson for Project Defending Life.

Representative Alonzo Baldonado from Valencia County will be introducing a parental notification bill on this 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This bill will require that a parent is notified when a pregnant girl under the age of 16 is seeking an abortion.

Representative Baldonado issued the following statement: “It is important that supporters of life and parent rights realize that in New Mexico there are no requirements for abortion providers to inform the parents of young women that their daughter is seeking an abortion. This bill will give the parents of these young women the opportunity to open discussions with their daughter before a life changing event such as abortion takes place. In previous legislative sessions I have run a similar bill that has died in committees, with the changes we have made we are hopeful that the bill has a chance.”

Curtis Boyd, who is a former back alley abortionist, owns and operates Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, NM. He also owns two abortion clinics in Texas and has openly admitted to performing abortions on girls as young as nine years old. Each week as volunteers pray and offer assistance to women entering abortion clinics in Albuquerque it is a trend to witness and speak with girls as young as 15 who are coming to NM, some to evade their own states parental notification laws and others for late term abortions that are illegal in their state. We owe it to these young girls to provide them protection in New Mexico from sexual predators and we also need the most basic common sense legislation enacted to protect the parent-child relationship. Representative Baldonado’s bill is a step in the right direction to begin building a culture of life in New Mexico.

“It is time for our pro-life Governor, Susana Martinez to lead us in passing pro-life legislation and other initiatives. We need her public support and I encourage our wonderful pro-life legislators to publicly ask for the Governor’s help and support in these initiatives,” stated Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Director of Project Defending Life.

With the start of the new legislative session the need for unity among the pro-life community is vitally important. Project Defending Life is committed to supporting pro-life legislator’s efforts to save even one woman and her child from the devastating effects of abortion.


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