NEWS FLASH: Our Right To Peaceably Assemble Shall Not Be Infringed Upon

NEWS FLASH: Our Right To Peaceably Assemble Shall Not Be Infringed Upon

By Bud Shaver

​Albuquerque, New Mexico- We launched Faith to Action Friday in March of 2019, now after a year, the media has done a news report on our prayerful protest presence out at The University of New Mexico’s free-standing abortion facility UNM Center For Reproductive Health (UNMCRH). It took a global pandemic for the media to take notice!

According to the report,

“The anti-abortion group Abortion Free New Mexico called the protest, calling it a “Faith to Action Friday.” According to the groups’ website, protestors were asked to gather from noon to 1 p.m. to protest the fact that abortion is considered an essential service in New Mexico.”

Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico, issued the following statement to local media concerning our Good Friday Protest:

“If Governor Lujan Grisham is going to insist that abortion services are essential in New Mexico, our prayer and protest presence outside of these facilities is equally essential. Every life has value, and if she refuses to protect the lives of the smallest New Mexicans, those in their mothers’ wombs, then we have an obligation and the right afforded by the U.S. Constitution to do so. Our right to the freedom of speech and to peaceably assemble shall not be infringed upon.” 

While the media was trying to make our prayerful protest an act of “defiance” against our governor, we were simply being faithful to our weekly commitment to stand up for the babies that are being killed. It’s important for us to remember that even in the midst of a crisis we must maintain our unalienable rights as American citizens. We forfeit these rights if we don’t use them and so we are grateful to those who stood with us last week for the babies.

Michelle Garcia Holmes (R) who is running for U.S. Congress (CD-1) issued the following statement on social media in response to this article,

“Abortion clinics are still open during the lock down. What’s wrong with this picture my friends? This story is a must read. Is Abortion an essential business? Our top elected officials think so, from Congress to Governor (BTW-all Democrats). Your vote has consequences, our Congressional Delegation to include, Deb Haaland, who I’m running against, believe that this is an essential business. As you read the story you will read that people are coming in from out of state to have their abortions. Other states have chosen to shut down their abortion clinics due to the virus. Planned Parenthood has over 48 million dollars to spend to ensure they will have a congress that votes in their favor this election cycle. So when I say your vote has consequences, this is proof that it does. What would be the harm of stopping the termination of innocent children for one month, two months, maybe even three? It might just give a woman the opportunity to rethink her decision, there are numerous nonprofit organizations willing to help the mother and child. Tara Shaver, thank you for your thoughtful comments in the article. We do have religious freedom to pray anywhere. We also have a constitutional right to freedom of speech. The only ones who don’t have a voice are the unborn, thank you for being a voice for the unborn.”

  • Learn more and support Michelle Garcia Holmes (R) for United States Congress at:
  • Her top issue is, “PROTECT THE LIFE OF EVERY CHILD, 100% PRO-LIFE”


  • Join us  for “Faith to Action Friday” on Friday April 17th from 12-1PM 
  • The UNMCRH free standing abortion clinic is located at 2301 Yale Blvd in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Parking is available on Renard (off Yale)
  • ​Everyone is welcome to join us for this peaceful presence.​

“It only takes an hour to make a lasting difference and have an impact for LIFE. Now more than ever, we need to pray collectively, publicly, and strategically. Our presence has the ability to reform The University of New Mexico – UNM so that they get out of the abortion business!” Bud Shaver, Abortion Free New Mexico

​Abortion is their dirty little secret that must be exposed. If you can’t join us, please keep our efforts in your prayers that hearts will be touched and eyes will be open to the truth about abortion in New Mexico.

UNM is at the heart of the abortion cartel in New Mexico, as a publicly funded institution UNM consistently promotes a culture of death and is actively training the next generation of abortionists…

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