July 17, 2024

New Mexico Waste Hauler Caught Enabling Late-Term Abortion Business

Albuquerque, New Mexico – According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies such as New Mexico Waste Recovery are the abortion industry’s weak link. The abortion industry is on record stating that, “We are all one incinerator away, or one incineration company away, from being closed.”

Abortion Free New Mexico is partnering with Created Equal to expose New Mexico Waste Recovery, the medical waste disposal company that is enabling the largest late-term abortion facility in the nation, Southwestern Women’s Options, located in Albuquerque, NM. In a recorded phone call to Chris Morton, Owner of New Mexico Waste Recovery, Tara Shaver gives him a chance to hear our perspective. 

  • Watch the video below to hear the call and be sure to listen to the end!

In undercover videos leaked by GotNews of a 2013 National Abortion Federation conference, Abortionist Renee Chelian discusses the problem of disposing of aborted babies. While proposing solutions, she comments, “I had five months’ worth of fetal tissue in my freezers.”

Abortion Free New Mexico has obtained photos and video footage from sidewalk counselors with the Lambs of the Vulnerable Heart that document New Mexico Waste Recovery as the disposal company enabling Southwestern Women’s Options’ abortion business.

QuestionWhat if New Mexico Waste Recovery were to stop doing the dirty work of Southwestern Women’s Options?

AnswerSouthwestern Women’s Options would be unable to dispose of the babies they kill, and the murder of thousands of innocent children by Southwestern Women’s Options would likely halt.

  1. Contact New Mexico Waste Recovery Owner, Chris Morton, at 505.545.9824 or email him and respectfully request New Mexico Waste Recovery discontinue providing Southwestern Women’s Options their services to dispose of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them.
  2. Sign the petition to stop New Mexico Waste Recovery from collaborating in the deaths of thousands of babies by abortion.

Abortion Free New Mexico is on the frontlines of the battle to end abortion in the late-term abortion capital of the nation. Created Equal works to end the killing of babies and establish human equality by exposing the truth about abortion. Together as a collective voice, we can persuade New Mexico Waste Recovery to stop enabling the killing business of Southwestern Women’s Options.

If we do not act NOW to pressure this medical waste company to sever agreements with Southwestern Women’s Options, we will have missed a historic opportunity to stop the killing.