New Mexico Senators Play Politics With Pre-Born Babies Lives

New Mexico Senators Play Politics With Pre-Born Babies Lives

By Bud Shaver

The Democratically controlled Senate Public Affairs Committee proved to be more biased than “democratic” by voting on party lines to kill ALL THREE pro-life bills introduced this legislative session. The first pro-life bill killed was SB 437 Physician Admitting Privileges for Abortions. This bill would have prevented abortion providers in New Mexico from ditching their patients on local Emergency Rooms where other physicians are left in the dark about the woman’s condition after an abortion related injury. (*UPDATE: The NM Senate killed a FOURTH Pro-Life Bill, WOMAN’S INFORMED DECISION ACT  SB 652!)

During the charade chaired by Sen. Pino, he cut off the testimony of expert witness Tara Shaver, Senior Policy Advisor of Protest ABQ when she attempted to introduce 911 calls made from Albuquerque abortion facilities. Sen. Pino objected and threw a “tantrum,” claiming that the 911 calls were “too emotional” when the bill’s sponsor Sen. Brandt asked for the 911 calls to be played, which documented severe injuries sustained by women from Albuquerque abortion clinics.

The New Mexico House sent two pro-life bills, HB 390 (Late-Term Abortion Ban) and HB 391 (Parental Notification for Abortion) to the Senate after a bipartisan vote on the House floor. These pro-life bills didn’t have a chance of passing this pro-abort Senate “Kill” committee. Chairman, Sen. Gerald Ortiz Y. Pino a proud, “Catholic for Choice” seemed more concerned about insulting his Priest, the Bible and his Church during his testimony. He stated that his Priest, exhorted the parishioners today [Sunday] to leave and do their duty to defend and protect the sanctity of human life. But Sen. Pino continued, “However the Bible has no scriptural basis for when life begins!” After this statement there was a roar of BOO’s resounding from the committee chamber. To which Sen Pino slammed down his gavel and chastised those for being “disrespectful” and threatened to have them “evicted.” Sen. Pino continued his tirade by publicly rebuking Alan Sanchez, spokesman for the three Bishops of New Mexico stating he disagreed with the Bishops attempt to, “force Roman Catholic teachings upon people of other faiths like Hindus, Muslims, and even atheists.”


Ravenous pro-abortion Chairman Sen. Gerald Ortiz Y. Pino

Sen. Pino’s attack of the Bible, Christians, and his own Church was frightening coming from an elected official.

Other Senators chimed in with their lame excuses for opposing the Late-Term abortion bill. Sen. Jacob Candelaria stated that, “Abortion is a constitutional right.”

Senator Daniel Ivey Soto continued the committee, “bully pulpit” by heaping abuse upon his pro-life constituents calling them, “unprincipled” and pretty much Hypocrites! Ironically during Soto’s testimony he spoke about how he and his wife watched their child so diligently in the womb, “never passing by an ultrasound without taking a quick peek” of his daughter, Olivia, calling her by name in-utero. He publicly stated he “wouldn’t do anything to harm her in the womb” but then went on to cast his vote in opposition of the Late-Term Abortion Ban, which would have protected viable babies in the womb at 20 weeks.

I agree with Fr. Imbarrato, Director of Protest ABQ when he stated that we shouldn’t do things on the politicians’ terms, but instead we need to hold our elected officials accountable. Unless the pro-life movement can come together as a unified force, to be reckoned with, the New Mexico Senate will continue to kill pro-life legislation over the next 4 years.

Both the Late-Term Abortion Ban HB 390 and the Parental Notification for Abortion HB 391 were tabled on party lines 5-3. ALL of the Senate Democrats voted to kill these pro-life bills: Jacob Candelaria (D-Albuquerque), Daniel Ivey-Soto (D-Albuquerque), Bill O’Neill (D-Albuquerque), Jerry Ortiz y Pino (D-Albuquerque) and Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque).

Protest ABQ is a peaceful awareness campaign launched to educate and stand against the injustice of abortion through a strategic and sustained presence. Protest ABQ strives to educate Albuquerque and New Mexico residents on what abortion really is and what it looks like. While Protest ABQ is opposed to abortion and seeks the reversal of Roe v. Wade and its progeny, Protest ABQ acknowledges that it must do all it can to protect the lives, health, and safety of vulnerable women who are subjected to an abortion and to protect and preserve the life of the unborn child.

“For government is God’s servant for your good.” Romans 13:4
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