March Newsletter 2013: The Butterfly Effect of Abortion

March Newsletter 2013: The Butterfly Effect of Abortion

(Pictured above, Kristan Hawkins & Brendan O’Morchoe of Students For Life  of America with us at SWO…We are shutting this place down!)

The Butterfly Effect of Abortion

As women leave the late-term abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I ask them to tell the driver of a van that transports the women back and forth from their hotel to stop so they can receive a gift bag (or “Grace in a Bag”). The bag contains information for the women to consider both before and after their abortion and it also contains a gift for them (manicure kit, tissues, and cozy socks for her). This particular day, the driver did stop, but not to take information per the woman’s request, but to curse me out and yell at me. It struck me that abortion has a butterfly effect which impacts far more people than simply the child and the mother.

Click here to read about The Butterfly Effect of Abortion.

“Seek the well being of the city to which I have sent you. Pray for it to the Lord. For in seeking its well being you shall find your own.“ Jeremiah 29:7

This month Tara had several great opportunities to speak with state leaders, UNM Regents and other groups. On February 19th, Tara and three others sat down again with Governor Susana Martinez’s Chief of staff. Once again the plight of women in NM who are daily subjected to the horror of abortion was presented to this administration. From the Medical Board on down a pro-abortion bias remains prevalent in NM. It is our hope that our research and genuine concern for the safety of women will be acted upon by this administration. Governor Martinez said that’s she’s pro-life and we are determined to hold her to that.

Two UNM Regents agreed to meet with about 10 people from the community who are concerned about UNM’s abortion agenda. We handed over a list of serious questions that the taxpayers of NM deserve to have answered. We are still awaiting the responses and truly hope that UNM will one day be a public learning institution that protects and preserves all life.

Our calendar for the month of March is full of additional important meeting with various people. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to be advocates for the women and children of NM.

Sidewalk Testimonies


Testimonies from Bud:

This month at late-term abortion clinic Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO), an angry, hostile guy got out of his truck with his wife and rushed over to us and started cussing us out and threatening us with violence. I immediately told him to back off and that he was being recorded and that he would spend the night in jail if he didn’t walk away! He spouted off some more threats and backed off and strutted into the late-term abortion clinic, SWO. I don’t know why this irked me so much (I’m not sure that my intentions were 100% purely motivated) but I just didn’t like the thought of this guy coming back out after we had left and having the satisfaction of seeing us gone and thinking that he intimidated us away and bullied us off…so I stuck around for an extra 2 hours and waited! (FYI the last thing you want to do is upset an activist, because you then become our #1 priority!) I also wanted to see if it was possible to have an intelligent and productive conversation with this guy. Well two hours later he came out to smoke a cigarette and we did actually have a 20 minute intelligent and productive conversation…the seemingly impossible 2 hours before was possible 2 hours later! These are the victories we witness out on a sidewalk…Oh yeah, because I stuck around for two extra hours a girl who had come for an abortion left the abortion clinic and came over to tell us  that God used our presence and the presence of a child in the abortion clinic to answer her prayer and convince her not to have an abortion! She was so excited and relieved…And we were able to pray with her! I was also able to pray with a woman after her abortion and weep with her! Wow, what a day- God’s Word really is living and active! This day’s interactions with people out at a late-term abortion clinic just breathed new life into the Scripture: Romans Chapter 12 (the whole chapter!) “Love must be sincere…Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn…Do not repay anyone evil for evil…”

A mother who is 8 months pregnant came to the late-term abortion clinic, but not to get an abortion she came because she knew we would be there and that we would be able to help her! Ironically she came to the right place… only because God’s love was present there through His people! God has created us to not simply be the city on a hill but the city on the sidewalk! Surrounded by darkness we are shining bright and drawing people to the Son! This is the power of the God we serve and His purpose for His church!

Testimony from Tara:

A woman who works  in the same strip mall as the UNM abortion clinic brought her friend from Mexico who is 7 months pregnant to the UNM abortion clinic this month, for an ultrasound. While this woman desperately wanted to see her baby via ultrasound, the clinic demanded $200 and sent her away. Thankfully we were present outside and able to provide a life affirming alternative to not only the substandard care of  a (publicly funded, via our tax dollars!)

abortion clinic, but also the greediness that leads abortion clinics to open in the first place. It’s clear that these places of death aren’t concerned about helping women embrace their true femininity when all of their supposed healthcare options cost a small fortune. We are determined to care for all women, no matter what their status in life is or how much money they have, our service and love is FREE!

Testimony from sidewalk counselor, Jennifer Bresett– February 27th

The late term abortion clinic is not a place you ever get “used to”. Each time I’m there, the experience on the sidewalk is different from the time before. Some victories…many defeats. But in those moments, never have I thought, ” I just wasted my day here.” God always teaches me something each time I’m there. I love that about Him.

Yesterday, it was the first time I had gone to the clinic in a couple of weeks due to sickness. Honestly, I was nervous to go. The words of my prayer as I approached the clinic were, “Ok God…I’m here now. Use me as you can and it would be awesome if EVEN ONE baby was saved today. AMEN”. No sooner did I cross the street, two young ladies walked out of the clinic. You never know the response you’ll get, but I went ahead and said “Good morning” to the ladies and they both surprisingly said good morning back. I continued to tell them we are here for them and if they needed anything, we would love to help. One of the two girls walked to me and said, “I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill my baby.” I was ecstatic!! I assured her she did the one thing she would never regret and encouraged her for making the more COURAGEOUS choice of choosing LIFE! I gave her a gift bag filled with fun things for her and valuable information about her baby with resources of ways we could help should she ever need it. We hugged each other and she got in her car with a sweet smile that I will never forget. THANK YOU LORD!! Not long after this, another sidewalk counselor, Donna Rendon, and myself, watched as a young girl, maybe 16, and her mother got out of their car. I said good morning to them and let them know we were there to help. And that she could see her baby on an ultrasound before she went through with aborting her child. They said nothing and went in the clinic. About an hour later, both mom and daughter came out. We again said we were there to help her. The mother proceeded to the car while the young 16 year old came to us with tears in her eyes. She said, “I almost did something bad, but I didn’t.” We were ecstatic!! We assured her she did the right thing. We explained to her that we know it’ll be tough to be a young mom, but we were here to support her in any way and at any time. We gave her a gift bag filled with resources. The part I loved the most was when we were able to pray with her and for her. We were able to share the love of Christ with her. Yesterday, God reminded me of several things. #1: Time is never wasted when you are obedient to serving Him. #2: God blesses us when we choose to serve, thus I was able to witness 2 lives saved! A true blessing I will never forget. #3. Our young girls need us there for them! The world preaches to them to “satisfy their selfishness” by taking the easy way out (which isn’t so easy) and to listen to the people who pressure them to do something they don’t want to do. When we say we are here to help you, we better mean it! Actions speak louder than words. Our love for them needs to be louder than the world’s lies to them. All this to say that yesterday was a good day!

Albuquerque, NM- Late-Term Abortion Capital:

SWO Montana

The couple in this truck came from Montana and the family in the black Expedition (in the background) came all the way from Wisconsin! How is it that we can get people from all over the country to come to SWO and participate in unspeakable evil but we can’t get the Albuquerque church to participate in ministry and lift up Christ in one of the darkest places in our country? Church this is what you were created, empowered and are needed for!

“Due to the lack of abortion regulations, Curtis Boyd decided to market late-term abortions here in Albuquerque, NM and is drawing women from all across North America. We have seen cars from Arkansas, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Utah, California, Washington, Kansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina, North Dakota, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, New York, and Mexico. In addition, Bud has spoken to women who came from Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and a woman contacted us via e-mail…she was making plans to come here from the United Kingdom until she came across the website and contacted Tara! Albuquerque, New Mexico is now known as the Late-Term Abortion Capital of the World!”

For more information visit here: Albuquerque, NM Late-Term Abortion Capital

Please Pray :

~Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to be advocates for the women and children of New Mexico.

~For an end to abortion in New Mexico.

~For the conversion of every abortion doctor and clinic worker.

~For softened hearts of the women we speak to each day at abortion clinics.

~For the moms who have already chosen life and for the means to continue to serve them.

~For a continued grace filled and Christ centered ministry focus.

~For more opportunities to share the truth about abortion and it’s effects with the Christian community.

~For the Christian community to rise up out of apathy and a spiritual awakening.

~For more workers for this ripe harvest.

~For our safety in this spiritual battle.

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