Largest Protest Of Planned Parenthood EVER in New Mexico and Across USA

Largest Protest Of Planned Parenthood EVER in New Mexico and Across USA

(Featured Picture taken at ABQ Protest by Tish)

Thousands (73,000+) Protest Planned Parenthood Nationwide!

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- On August 22nd, Pro-Life Americans held the largest pro-life protest in American history!

Over 350 cities across 49 states…and also in 5 countries!

The Washington Examiner reported, “Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League, said he’s never before seen anti-abortion groups hold such a coordinated ‪‎Planned Parenthood‬ protest before. ‘There’s never been one quite like this.’”


(Picture from the ABQ Journal)
New Mexicans also held the largest protest EVER against the killing business of Planned Parenthood in their state. The Albuquerque protest drew 500-600 New Mexicans out to protest the only Planned Parenthood surgical abortion center in the state. There were protests also held in Farmington and Las Cruces New Mexico.

(Picture of ABQ Protest by Tish)
Protest ABQ sponsored the Albuquerque protest and co-lead it with Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life. The historic protest sent a strong message of solidarity and resounding declaration to political leaders in New Mexico that New Mexicans want to end pre-born child killing in this state. Many in attendance expressed their encouragement of seeing so many of God’s people out to protest evil and affirm what must be stopped, the murder of New Mexico’s children. Many of those who attended mentioned that this was the first time that they had ever protested at an abortion clinic.

(Picture of ABQ Protest by Tish)
During the press conference Tara Shaver, Spokesperson for Protest ABQ spoke to the fact that, 5 state governors have de-funded Planned Parenthood and 13 states have launched criminal investigations into Planned Parenthood’s baby body part for profit scheme. All the while New Mexico fully funds abortion through state Medicaid with our tax dollars and abortion facilities are telling patients that their babies remains may be used in medical research which violates New Mexico law.
(Picture of ABQ Protest by Tish)
Furthermore, is it any surprise that NM is currently ranked 49th for children’s well-being, when our leaders continue to ignore the plight of the smallest children in our state? Every pro-life person is rightly outraged and disgusted by the crimes against humanity taking place in abortion killing and harvesting centers yet our self-proclaimed pro-life Governor has done nothing to make sure that these crimes are not being committed in her state.
(Picture of ABQ Protest by Tish)
It is completely unacceptable that Governor Martinez can call for an investigation into an EPA spill but refuses to use the power of the executive to stop even Late-term abortions that are performed each week in her state. Governor Susana Martinez has abandoned New Mexico’s future, our children, by her unwillingness to take direct action against out of control and unregulated abortion clinics in New Mexico.In the News

Dan and Laura Rosecrans representing The HUB of New Mexico both gave accounts of the protest with Dan stating, “There have been protests of Planned Parenthood at this site in recent weeks, but none the size of this gathering.  One woman who protests frequently at the San Mateo facility wept as she described the encouragement in seeing so many out to protest the killing and selling of baby body parts.  Her prayer, she said, is that Saturday’s turnout will lead to more people standing for life…”

Laura shared that, “Today there were HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of Knights in Shining Armor. There were HUNDREDS of protectors of life standing protesting against the dragon of what is Planned Parenthood. There were HUNDREDS of valiant soldiers standing in the gap to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH thus being the protectors of the many women who are even now – today – considering abortion. Protectors of the precious babies who are facing a possible end to their lives in a horrific death at the hands of Planned Parenthood.”

KOB 4 News quoted Tara as stating, “It’s no surprise, they (Planned Parenthood) kill babies and so for them to go and sell the body parts is not a shocking revelation. It’s something we’ve been believing that’s been happening in the abortion industry, so this further validates how nefarious they are.”

The ABQ Journal newspaper reported, “It was one of was one of many rallies at Planned Parenthood clinics throughout the country on Saturday. Protesters held signs with depictions of aborted fetuses, messages about Planned Parenthood selling fetus parts and signs that blasted New Mexico political leaders for allowing abortions to take place in the state. Some people chanted prayers and read Bible passages at passing traffic.”

(Picture taken at ABQ Protest, courtesy of The HUB of New Mexico)
Fr. Imbarrato sums up best how our movement must proceed:  “Now that we, the Pro-Life movement, have embraced the word ‘protest,’ the media calls us ‘demonstrators’ and call what we do ‘rallies.’ I am convinced that the liberal elite across the abortion, political, media, and education spectrum have been calling us ‘protesters’ in the past to intimidate us from doing what we did yesterday i.e. ‘protest.’ I believe their greatest fear has been and is that the Pro-Life movement will become a protest movement which is what they saw yesterday and it has shaken them to the core. We must continue to protest in everything we do and everywhere we can. We must not just keep the pressure on but increase it (always peacefully and prayerfully) by where we protest and whom we protest.”

If you want to join the pro-life protest movement in ABQ please fill out the Join Us form here through the Protest ABQ website.

Protests are always prayerful, peaceful and law abiding. We look forward to seeing you out on the street!

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