Attention ABQ Locals! Immediate Action Item:

Attention ABQ Locals! Immediate Action Item:

Here is a list of businesses/events to boycott and contact. These businesses are helping to keep abortion in ABQ by supporting Planned Parenthood’s Event “Choice Rocks” TONIGHT (Sat. May 18) at 6:30pm. This is a small way to be a voice for life in the community by refusing to fund those who think it’s acceptable for Planned Parenthood to forever wound women and murder their pre-born children. I’ve also included corresponding website links, please join me in CALLING THEM TODAY to, respectfully, let these entities know that the pro-life community will no longer frequent them until they stop supporting Planned Parenthood.

An additional Santa Fe business, “Iconik Coffee Roasters” was on this list earlier. However, after a lengthy conversation about Planned Parenthood’s business and the fact that Iconik is Christian owned they emailed the following statement to us:

“Iconik Coffee believes that every person, born or unborn, is created in Gods image.  Because of this, each and every person is deserving of dignity, value, worth and the right to life.  We do not financially support any organization that sees things otherwise.  We support life.”

Please support “Iconik Coffee Roasters” and thank them for supporting life.

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