September 24, 2022

Project 52

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Project 52 is an interdenominational church initiative engaging congregations for 52 weeks a year in promoting the sanctity of human life.

The vision of Project 52 is to activate 52 local churches to adopt the Late-Term abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) for one week out of the year. Each church will have the freedom to minister as they see fit to each and every abortion minded woman. During their designated week, they will claim the Late-Term abortion clinic for every hour, every day SWO is open (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).

“Abortion in our community is a huge mountain that seems impossible to be moved on our own, however if every church in our city would step out with just a mustard seed sized faith,  and share the love of Christ by serving the “least of these,” God will move the mountain in our community and we will see an end to abortion…and to God alone be the glory!Bud Shaver, Pro-Life Missionary

What is Project 52?

Project 52 is an interdenominational church initiative engaging congregations for 52 weeks a year in promoting the sanctity of human life from the time of conception. Providing a framework for multi-faceted action to facilitate a culture honoring and understanding the value of Human life in all aspects of our society.

Why is Project 52 needed?

Abortion’s devastating repercussions affects every person and every church in our society. The ripples have decimated our population and our spiritual health for the past 40 years. Now barbaric late term abortions have made Albuquerque the “late term abortion capital of the southwest”. If followers of Jesus Christ do nothing to intervene, then we participate by our very silence.

How does Project 52 work?

Sign your Church up to “adopt” one week out of the year for focused Pro-life education and work. Call Rev. Spears at 505 710-4542 to select your week.

There are ways for every person in your congregation to become involved. Here are some of those options:

· Commit as a church to one week of prayer and sidewalk witness in front of the late term abortion clinic (training provided)

· Become educated on the repercussions of abortion (Brochures included)

· Preach a sermon or do classes for your congregation on the biblical view of child sacrifice ( Focus on the Family Brochure included in packet)

· Encourage members to become a regular sidewalk counselor (training provided) or to volunteer at a pregnancy center (training provided/ list of pregnancy centers included)

· Be prepared to refer to a pregnancy center or post abortion recovery program (resource list included)

· Encourage members to send post cards and letters to legislators and city council members. Write Letters to the editor.

· Encourage congregation to vote for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance and Support and to become educated on pro-life issues.

· Visit the legislature with Traditional Values Action Committee (TVAC), the Pregnancy Center Network or on your own

· Join a prayer group.

· Encourage members to seek post abortion healing (post abortion information and referral list included.)

· Schedule a video screening for your community of the movie 180 or Maafa21 or Project 52 video

Please join us as we embark on this journey of saving one women, one child, one week at a time.

“Project 52 is about bringing churches together, not in doctrine, but its about bringing churches together to try and save innocent babies whose voices have not even been heard yet. Jesus calls all of us to bear fruit and one thing that you can do as a church in this city, is you can stand for the lives of unborn children.” -Pastor Mark Mullaney, Jesus First

Watch this promo video to learn more about our latest effort to educate and active the Christian community in Albuquerque, New Mexico to end abortion in our city one woman, one child, one week at a time!


September 30, 2013- Great coverage of Project 52 Kick-Off Rally and Press Conference from local ABC station KOAT 7!

Pastors gather to support late-term abortion ban

“Pastors gathered to be the voice for unborn babies. They prayed for the end of abortion.

Pastors and demonstrators hoped their rallies would have an influence on banning late-term abortions locally.

The idea behind Project 52 is to have a presence at the abortion clinics 52 weeks a year, and to put pressure on the residents of Albuquerque to support the ban in the upcoming election.

Pastors said they will gather and protest abortions until there is a change. They hope that comes in November when people cast their votes.”

Read more and watch the video coverage here:

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Project 52 Kick-Off Rally Prayer

“We ask for your divine wisdom and guidance in promoting the protection of life for the unborn in our city. We ask you to turn the hearts of the people and their leaders to change the laws of our land to protect unborn life.” Dave Quintana

Project 52 Kick-Off Rally Charge

“As our hearts become broken over what has broken God’s heart we will see His mighty power working on our behalf. So we would like to share this message to our churches and pastors, to every person who has a heart to end the shedding of innocent blood; and ask that the hearts of our pastors to be broken and this brokenness of heart to be passed on to the members of their congregation and we will see the kingdom of darkness start to fall one by one as we persevere.” Pastor Washington

Sign your Church up to “adopt” one week out of the year for focused Pro-life education and work. Call Rev. Spears at 505 710-4542 to select your week.

Project-52 is an outreach of Pro-Life Missionaries Bud and Tara Shaver and CSA

Project 52 just went national with…Project 52 Milwaukee!

Be sure to check out and like the Project 52 Milwaukee facebook page!

“We are Milwaukee Project 52 which started in Albuquerque. Bringing 52 churches together in Milwaukee to cover Abortion clinics 52 weeks a year in Prayer and outreach to women considering abortion.”

Share the awareness and hopefully we will hear about Project 52 kicking off in your city!

Thanks Cary Michael Bogue and Dan Miller for launching Project 52 Milwaukee!

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