Abortion Free New Mexico’s Response to NM Attorney General’s Letter

Abortion Free New Mexico’s Response to NM Attorney General’s Letter

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- On January 4, 2017 the New Mexico Attorney General, Hector Balderas released to the Associated Press two letters, one addressed to the United Stated House of Representatives and the other was addressed to Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico revealing the finding of his investigation into the New Mexico Abortion Cartel’s harvesting and trafficking of aborted baby remains in potential violation of state law. Even though Shaver was the one who filed the initial formal complaint, Balderas’ office did not provide his response to her before he notified the media of his decision. Both letters were requested by Shaver’s attorney and were forwarded over by the AG’s public records custodian later in the day, time stamped: “January 4, 2018 at 3:59:56 PM MST”

Shaver’s complaint was based on two New Mexico statutes that she believed were being violated by members of the New Mexico abortion cartel, Southwestern Women’s Options and the University of New Mexico. Balderas’ response letters indicate that his investigation found no violation of state law. His decision comes two and a half years after the original complaint filed by Shaver and one year after the Select Panel, who sent two referrals to Balderas, disbanded.

Ironically, The Albuquerque Journal published two front page articles today, one on the AG’s decision regarding Shaver’s complaint indicating that there was no selling of human tissue in violation of New Mexico laws, and the other article on the suspension of Dr. Robin Ohls’ research at the University of New Mexico.

In a memo from Paul Roth to the UNM Board of Regents he states that,

“HSC staff was concerned that: 1) an issue was being raised that would potentially infringe on the University’s policy to not buy or sell human tissue, and 2) appropriate research compliance approvals and processes protocols had not been followed.”

The article states that UNM officials went so far as to barr Ohl’s from her own lab at the University.

Did Attorney General Balderas really do a thorough investigation of what is actually taking place regarding the trafficking of aborted baby remains in New Mexico?

Read the two front page articles in today’s Albuquerque Journal here:

“Laws that are overlooked and unenforced are a disservice to everyone, and in this case to the babies who are viewed as experimental research material instead of human beings. Balderas only furthers this mindset by failing to act justly in prosecuting those that are actively harvesting and transferring aborted baby remains. For any reasonable person this reality should shake us to our core and encourage us to keep moving forward seeking justice for all,” stated Tara Shaver, spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico.

Angelo Artuso, Attorney for Abortion Free New Mexico issued the following statement:

“I am very disappointed but, unfortunately, not surprised by the Attorney General’s conclusions regarding the ongoing trade in baby body parts here in New Mexico. After all, we live in a State where aborting a baby in utero is lawful through all nine months of pregnancy.

Under any common sense reading of New Mexico’s Maternal, Fetal and Infant Experimentation Act, the actions by SWO and UNM violate the law. If the statute is not going to be enforced as written, then I would strongly urge the Legislature to revisit the question of whether an unborn child who has been lawfully killed in this State should be subjected to the further indignity of being carved up and experimented upon like a piece of animal flesh.

It is time for our elected officials to stop hiding behind convenient definitions which provide that an unborn child is not human, or not a person. The use of aborted baby parts for any purpose should be repugnant to all civilized people. To deny this truth is to join the ranks of Mao, Stalin, Idi Amin, Dr. Josef Mengele, and every other tyrant who deals with inconvenient people by denying that they are people.

I pray that New Mexico will find its way back to a higher standard.”


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