🌹Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Pro-Life Prisoner of Conscience, JAILED in Washington D.C.

🌹Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Pro-Life Prisoner of Conscience, JAILED in Washington D.C.

By Bud Shaver

UPDATE: Michelle Garcia Holmes who is running for Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico issued the following statement after learning that Fr. Stephen Imbarrato is currently in JAIL for his peaceful Red Rose Rescue efforts:

Prayers for Father Stephen Imbarrato, he stood strong for the unborn, as we all should. You might remember him from when he and several Priests endorsed my campaign for mayor last year. He must serve 7 days. Please pray for his safety and that his story and strength be a lesson to us all to stand up for life and the babies who will never get life. You are brave and courageous Father Imbarrato.

Michelle Garcia Holmes represents the leadership that New Mexico needs and that New Mexicans have the opportunity to elect this November 6th!

  • To further help with her campaign for Lieutenant Governor visit: LTgov2018.com

Washington D.C. – On Monday, June 25th Red Rose Rescuer🌹Fr. Stephen Imbarrato was sentenced to 7 days in jail for his efforts on December 4, 2017 to peacefully defend the lives of babies from imminent death at the hands of American abortionists. This ruling by Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin in Washington D.C. is in stark contrast to a previous rescue in which law enforcement officers opted not to bring charges against four others. Abortion Free New Mexico continues to stand with Red Rose Rescuers who are living sacrificially for Christ and for the babies who face death on a daily basis. Please keep the Red Rose Rescuers in your prayers and see below for an excerpt from LifeSiteNews on Fr. Stephen’s arrest and a call to action from Abortion Free New Mexico. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato is scheduled to be released from jail on Sunday July 1, 2018.

According to a report from LifeSiteNews:

Father Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life had been participating in the Red Rose Rescue, a campaign to enter abortion facility waiting rooms and distribute red roses while offering women words of encouragement not to abort their babies. He was one of three pro-lifers to enter Steven Brigham’s Capital Women’s Services in Washington, D.C., where they were eventually arrested for trespassing on private property.

On Monday [June 25, 2018], DC Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin found Imbarrato guilty, along with pro-lifers Julia Haag and Joan McKee, according to a press release from Mercy Missions DC. The judge suggested that their punishment would consist of supervised probation and being barred from the abortion facility, conditions that Imbarrato declared he could not abide by.

The priest explained that while he respected authority, he rejected a ruling from a “corrupt and immoral government that sanctions, protects (through its courts), and funds the daily mass murder of thousands of innocent preborn babies.”

“When do the babies get their day in court?” Imbarrato asked. “Today they do! Judge, you will have to send me to jail!” Morin sentenced him to seven days in prison.

“Father is at peace and exactly where God wants him to be. It is an honor to be in chains for Christ,” Mercy Missions DC founder Lauren Handy said. “Visiting those in jail is a Catholic corporal work of mercy and Father has been placed in an unique situation where he can live out his faith daily.”

“Multiple lives were saved that day” of the rescue,” Handy added in a Facebook Live video from outside the prison. “Mom’s chose life instead of abortion.”

Tara Shaver, Spokeswoman for Abortion Free New Mexico, issued the following statement:

“Americans are not only being harassed and refused service because of their conservative beliefs, but now even a Catholic Priest in good standing has been sent to jail for boldly yet lovingly daring to live out his belief that all LIFE from conception to natural death is worthy of protecting. He has sacrificed his freedom to save the lives of our pre-born brothers and sisters in the womb who have NO protection under our current constitution.

Current technology has progressed so far that it is now an undisputed scientific fact that life begins at conception and there is abundant case law in America affirming this. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato has lead the charge in calling upon President Donald J. Trump to issue a Personhood Proclamation affirming the value of ALL human life from the moment of fertilization and to direct all of federal agencies including the Department of Justice and all federal law enforcement to act accordingly. In addition, Abortion Free New Mexico is asking President Donald J. Trump to issue a Pro-Life pardon to the three current Red Rose Rescue Prisoners of Conscience: Dr. Monica Miller, Will Goodman and Fr. Stephen Imbarrato who are ALL currently in jail for the radical belief that ALL life is worthy of protection including babies in the womb currently sentenced to an unjust death in America’s abortion killing centers.”

  • For more information about Fr. Stephen Imbarrato’s call for President Trump to issue a Personhood Proclamation and to contact President Trump visit: ProtestChildKilling.com

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