By Bud Shaver

Washington D.C.- Today Bud Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico will be flying back to Washington D.C. for a status hearing on the Red Rose Rescue arrest with Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, director of Life Ministries US that took place in March of this year. This case will either be dismissed, or Bud’s lawyer will DEMAND that his case go to trial because the first amendment is a fundamental right in this country!

If abortion clinics are going to receive our tax dollars to kill pre-born children and injure women in the process, then WE THE PEOPLE have a fundamental right to peacefully protest our tax dollars funding it, AND these women have a fundamental right to receive INFORMATION telling them about the atrocities taking place at the hands of abortionists, many who have a sordid history of maiming and killing not just the babies…but the women too!

The constitution doesn’t just protect our right to give out information, but it protects the rights of the community to receive that message, they would receive in NO OTHER WAY.

Bud Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico issued the following statement,

If abortion facilities are going to drag every American citizen into the killing rooms by the forced funding of these barbaric procedures with our tax dollars, then these facilities are no longer going to be considered off limits. The Red Rose Recuse efforts are bringing our advocacy from the sidewalks surrounding these killing centers to the hallways inside of them to peacefully stop the atrocities being committed against innocent pre-born children. 

We applaud the peaceful tradition of sidewalk counselors offering love, prayers, and resources by calling out to them from across the parking lots and streets, but if our tax dollars are going to fund this American holocaust, then our conscience compells us to peacefully extend our prayers, resources and a red rose to these women inside the facilities in their most urgent hour. If we don’t, then who will?

Please keep Bud Shaver, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, and Lauren Handy in your prayers.
Their status hearing is on Tuesday May, 14th at 9:30AM (EST). 

  • Learn more about Fr. Stephen Imbarrato’s call for President Donald J. Trump to end this Constitutional CRISIS by signing the Personhood Proclamation at

​Thank you for standing with us for life and truth!  

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to help with the costs incurred to send Bud Shaver back Washington D.C. to stand for all our first amendment rights and to take a stand against our tax dollars funding abortion you can donate online or by mail:

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  • Or mail checks made out to Life Ministries U.S. to:
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    Earmark: Red Rose Rescue
    *Checks made out to Life Ministries U.S. are tax deductible.
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