New Mexico Legislative Update

New Mexico Legislative Update

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- The legislative session is well under way here in New Mexico. Today is the last day for legislators to submit their bills to be voted upon during this 60 day session. Both Republicans and Democrats have a slew of bills that represent where they stand on some very important issues facing our state and our nation.

Republicans have sponsored legislation to protect babies born alive during abortions as well as late term abortion victims who have high probabilities of living outside the womb if given the chance.

Democrats have sponsored bills to expand birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act and to penalize doctors who refuse to do abortions based on their religious convictions.

“It is encouraging to see pro-life state legislators sponsor solid no exceptions legislation that will protect pre-born babies in the womb. Both Senator Bill Sharer (R) from Farmington and Rep. Yvette Herrell (R) from Alamogordo have tightened up their late term abortion ban bills that DO NOT contain exceptions for rape and incest nor the subjective psychological “health” exception in them. Rep. Rod Montoya (R) from Farmington is sponsoring the Infant Born Alive Protection Act.  We fully support these pieces of legislation and encourage other legislators to support these bills that will save the lives of viable babies in our state,” stated Bud Shaver.

Bills to support:

HB 37 Born Alive Infant ProtectionBorn Alive Infant Protection

HB 220 Partial and Late Term Abortion

SB 183 Partial and Late Term Abortion

Bills to oppose:

HB 284 Health Coverage for Contraception

SB 282 Hospital Patient Protections (No religious objection to performing abortions allowed)

HB 171 End of Life Options Act (Assisted Suicide)

SB 252 End of Life Options Act (Assisted Suicide)

SB 120 Vital Record Sex Designation (This bill allows a person to change their gender on their birth certificate)

SB 121 No Conversion Therapy (This bill prohibits counselors and clergy from providing therapy asserting that the homosexual lifestyle is contrary to biblical teaching)

Please contact your Senator and Representative by phone and email to tell them where you stand on these various bills. 

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