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  • Priests for Life undercover calls continue to reveal what most Americans reject

Abortion Clinic Schedules Appointment for Healthy Mother to Abort Healthy Baby at 32 weeks

  • Report released by Priests for Life, the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia.

As part of its late-term abortion education project, Priests for Life today released another undercover phone call showing that healthy mothers of healthy children can obtain a legal abortion in the United States even at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

(This call is to the abortion clinic of Abortionist Warren Hern. Abortion Free New Mexico is working with Priests for Life to raise national awareness about late term abortion.)

“Our goal here is very simple: to reveal to the American people that healthy mothers are aborting healthy babies even in the final months of pregnancy, and that this is legal activity,” explained National Director Fr. Frank Pavone. “We are revealing this because many of our fellow citizens simply do not know or do not believe that this is happening. We show them the evidence. Knowing that it is happening is the first step towards stopping it.”

The call released today was made last week to the clinic of abortionist Warren Hern in Boulder, Colorado. Hern is the author of the medical textbook Abortion Practice, which uses the words “decapitate” and “dismember” to describe the abortion procedure. The caller, posing as a woman at around 30 weeks of pregnancy, made no reference to any fetal anomalies or maternal health problems.

She simply stated,

“My husband and I just split up and I just don’t want to continue the pregnancy.”

The four-day abortion procedure was scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 28, at which point the clinic pointed out she would be at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

The undercover call was carried out with the assistance of Abortion Free New Mexico. Tara Shaver, who represents that organization, stated,

“This undercover investigation reveals that Abortionist Warren Hern in Boulder, Colorado is willing to perform an abortion at 32 weeks of pregnancy for $25,000 with virtually no questions asked. Late term abortions have no place in a civilized society, yet in America they are performed on healthy women carrying healthy babies all across this nation. This should be a wake up call for Americans who refuse to believe that this is happening.”

The call was the eighth in a series of calls that Priests for Life will continue to commission across the nation. The previous calls so far were made to the Southwestern Women’s Options clinic in Albuquerque, NM, where our callers successfully made abortion appointments at 25, 30, and even 33 weeks.

“Even people who identify as pro-choice reject abortion at these late stages of pregnancy,” Fr. Pavone explained. “As a Marist poll earlier this year reveals, almost six in ten Americans support the protection of babies in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This includes 56% of people who identify themselves as ‘pro-choice,’ and 49% of those who identify as Democrats.”

“In the light of these facts, we are urging all US Senators to vote for the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 1622), to protect these children starting at 20 weeks of their development,” Fr. Pavone concluded.

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She Hitchhiked…👍

She Hitchhiked…👍

By Tara Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- This week we were reminded of what our ministry is all about when God brought two mothers that we have helped over the years back into our lives. Pro-Life ministry is about saving babies lives by revealing the light and love of Christ to their mothers in their darkest hour, when it seems to them that an abortion is their only option.

There are many ways to save the lives of pre-born children, and for four years of our ministry here in Albuquerque we ministered to women seeking abortions at local abortion centers. Only the Lord knows just how many lives are saved when Christians are faithfully present at these places of death but there is nothing more beautiful than to see the fruit of your labor when visited by the moms who chose life because of your presence.

We continue to be blessed by still receiving phone calls and emails from mothers in need and also encouraging thank you’s from moms that we have had the privilege of ministering to over the past 7 years.

She Hitchhiked to an Abortion Center…

Mom “A” came right up to me [Tara] at a prayer service and even though we’d only met over the phone she said,

“I just want to say thank you for being there for me that day, if your husband hadn’t been there at the clinic, I would have done something bad, because he was there I didn’t.”

In tears I embraced her and was reminded that this is what our ministry is all about, helping moms choose life for their babies.

(Mom “A” and her son spared from abortion. She now wants to share the good news about what Christ has done in her life by sidewalk counseling out at local abortion centers and use her testimony to help other women!)

Mom “A” hitchhiked to an abortion center in 2013 and approached Bud. Bud ministered to her, showed her what an abortion would do to her baby, assessed her situation and ultimately drove her to Project Defending Life. We put her in touch with a local family who took her and her daughter into their home until she left for Teen Challenge.

FLASHBACK to November 2013…

Here is her story:

“My name is Andrea. I am currently working with “A”. She is 11 weeks pregnant. Her story is nothing short of amazing.

Here is a single mother who after finding out she was pregnant for the second time was excited until her boyfriend began to pressure her to have an abortion.

She fought it till finally she gave in and went to the clinic. Inside she hoped and prayed that someone would stop her before she went in.

Upon arrival, she met Bud Shaver, God’s messenger. He had her talk to his wife Tara Shaver and Tara asked her if she would go to Project Defending Life (PDL). She agreed to go. She was relieved and she kept her baby!!

She attended parenting classes at PDL for two weeks and on the third week I met her.

I was there to support a mom and a daughter who were intercepted at the late-term clinic on Lomas. “A” needed a ride home. I offered and she accepted. On our ride home she told me the whole story-meeting Bud, her trip to PDL. But the battle for her baby was not over yet.

She told me about her substance abuse. It broke my heart. She told me she was two weeks clean. But many nights there in the war zone at her apartment, “friends” would come over. They would invite their friends and it would be one big drug party.

She tried to be strong and tell them to leave but they wouldn’t. People would stay all hours of the night and on to the next morning. Some she didn’t even know.

I told her that her and her 3-year old daughter cannot stay one more day in her apartment. My mom lovingly took her in. I also told her about Teen Challenge. She was thrilled to hear about it and said she was ready to go. She told me that she wants to start a new life for her and her daughter.

That night before I left she prayed to give her life to Christ.

Since she made that decision to go to Teen Challenge she has had no end of criticism from her family but I did expect that.

We are almost to the finish line! After one tiring week of tests and Dr. appointments, lawyers and errands we have a move date-November 19th 2013. Teen Challenge has accepted her and her daughter into the program. It is the only Teen Challenge that will let her take her child into the program as well.”

(November 18, 2013, the day before she left for Teen Challenge. We had the privilege to take a photo with “A”: pictured in the middle [pregnant with her son], her daughter and the pro-life warriors who took care of her.)

Homeless and Alone…

Mom “B”, who we also reconnected with and were able to give follow up support and prayers to this week was initially given our phone number while she was staying at the Albuquerque, “Safe House” which is a safe haven for victims of domestic violence. She received our number from another woman that we had helped when she was pregnant…years ago!

When we met “B”, she was in fear for her life because of the baby’s father. She had no one to help her and wasn’t sure how she was going to make it, homeless with a new baby on the way. Over the course of several weeks of ministering to her, we were able to pray with her, help her secure housing, and bring her to the CareNet in Rio Rancho where she received maternity and baby items.

Here is a picture of her precious baby girl born in August 2017:

Through your prayers and support of our pro-life ministry here in New Mexico these babies are alive today.

Please consider making a one time or monthly recurring tax deductible donation to our ministry so that we can continue to do our life saving work carrying the gospel of life to those who so desperately need it.

Love and Blessings, Bud and Tara Shaver

As full time Pro-Life Missionaries we are funded by everyday people like you. Help us continue to stand for life and expose the abortion industry in New Mexico by donating securely online or by sending a tax-deductible check made out to: “Life Ministries U.S.” P.O. Box 50351, Albuquerque, NM 87181

You may also schedule a convenient monthly donation here.

Thank you for your prayers and support on behalf of our ministry and our family. We love you all and keep you in our prayers.

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Innovative Giving 😀 🏡

Innovative Giving 😀 🏡

You can now support our ministry through AmazonSmile and more…

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that we have signed up Life Ministries U.S., which is the umbrella 501c3 nonprofit organization of Abortion Free New Mexico and Pro-Life Witness ministries, on Amazon Smile.

Life Ministries U.S. is a consortium of ministries dedicated to obtaining constitutional protection (personhood) for unborn children from the moment of conception. Visit

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices, and shopping features as The difference is that when you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Life Ministries U.S.

Every item available for purchase on is also available on AmazonSmile ( at the same price.

So, if you do any shopping on Amazon, please click here on our unique link or on the picture below to select Life Ministries U.S. as the charitable organization that a percentage of your purchases will automatically be given to.

Follow these instructions to get started:

1. Click the link above and you will be directed to, where you will either sign in to your amazon account or click underneath to create an account.

2. Once you are logged in take look under the search bar and notice where it says “Supporting: Life Ministries U.S.” This is what you should see each time you make a purchase through AmazonSmile.

3. When shopping, in order for Life Ministries US to obtain a percentage of your purchase, you must shop through

Another fantastic way to support our work as Pro-lIfe Missionaries is through Real Estate for Life. Like AmazonSmile this costs you nothing but blesses our ministry efforts…

Are you or someone you know in the market to buy or sell a home or commercial property?

You can support our pro-life ministry at no cost to you by taking advantage of the Real Estate for Life program.

Call 1.877.543.3871 or email for more information Visit to find a Pro-life Realtor!

Click here for more information: Real Estate For Life

Love and Blessings, Bud and Tara

We’ve been working hard to expose the New Mexico abortion cartel… Prayerfully consider a one-time year end tax deductible donation so we can finish 2017 strong!

As full time Pro-Life Missionaries we are funded by everyday people like you. Help us continue to stand for life and expose the abortion industry in New Mexico by donating securely online at or by sending a tax-deductible check made out to: “Life Ministries U.S.” P.O. Box 50351, Albuquerque, NM 87181

You may also schedule a convenient monthly donation here.

Thank you for your prayers and support on behalf of our ministry and our family. We love you all and keep you in our prayers.

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