By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- Last week during our peaceful Faith to Action Friday presence I witnessed a 180 conversion of a man who was convicted by our presence and what he saw on a sign. I was approached by this man who felt that he needed to point out how hypocritical pro-life Christians are. What drew him out to talk to me though was the image of a 20 week old abortion victim (photo below). He immediately began to lecture me about how horrific the image was and insisted that I needed to remove it. Coming face to face with the reality that abortion kills children is hard for many to swallow, it cuts to the core of a person.

While I wholeheartedly agreed with him about how tragic the image was, I explained to him that instead of censoring the true nature of abortion, what our community needs is to see abortion for what it really is and to then peacefully work to end it. As I stood in front of the University of New Mexico’sCenter for Reproductive Health abortion center, I also pointed out to him that our tax dollars are funding what he saw on the sign as well as an entrenched radical abortion agenda at this public institution. 

  • It’s important to point out that he assumed/knew that we were Christians! (Because who else would peacefully confront our culture of death in the public square?)

As the conversation continued he proceeded to ask the typical three questions that the pro-abortion community loves to bring up to deflect the real issue at hand: 

1. How many children have we adopted?
2. Do you oppose war?
3. As a man you can’t have an abortion so why are you out here?

On the first question, I quickly pointed out that the pro-life community has the best track record of adopting children. I mentioned that the state of Alabama, which recently enacted a law banning virtually all abortions in the state, also leads the nation for adoption.

I explained to him that we as a pro-life movement want to ban abortion outright because we really do care about all children. As I pointed to the abortion victim, I asked him “how can you claim to care about children if you support the brutal violence of abortion that this image alone depicts”?

He then abruptly shifted to asking why I wasn’t opposed to war and working to stop all wars. I simply agreed with him about the horror of war atrocities such as the killing of innocent people. I asked him to think about what is so tragic about war? He said “bloody violence” and then went on to point to the sign and say “Like that.” In that moment a light bulb turned on for him and he immediately saw my point about the atrocity of abortion. I pointed out to him that abortion is the biggest war that has ever been waged in our country and has killed the most innocent people, over 60,000,000 since 1973. This is the most preeminent injustice that we need to end as a nation. He agreed!

And just like that the conversation shifted again and he asked why as a man I was discussing abortion since men can’t have abortions? I have to admit I was waiting for him to ask that because it’s ALWAYS brought up! I responded, recently a presidential candidate brought up the fact that not only does he support a woman’s right to have an abortion but that he also supports a “trans” man’sright to have an abortion. 

I’m not kidding watch for yourself…

This fallacious argument of attacking men is officially over! If men can NOW have an abortion according to Julian Castro, then men can NOW openly talk about abortion.

Suddenly he said, “AHHH you support Trump” and walked away!

Though I never mentioned president Donald Trump, I guess the thought of supporting our president was more than he could handle and he walked away.

Over the past 12 years I have had untold numbers of conversations just like this one, however, this one was unique in that it wasn’t over…

This Abortion Victim Image Brought Him to His Senses and Back to Apologize!

Several minutes later I was surprised when this man came rushing back over with tears in his eyes asking for our forgiveness and stated, “I came over to you to point out how hypocritical you were and how you need to get that horrific sign out of here but now I realize I was the hypocrite and THAT sign made all the difference! Thank you for representing Jesus and Christianity so boldly!” 

He went on to confide in us that one of his girlfriends had gotten an abortion and that ever since, he felt that he needed to defend abortion. But now because of the sign and our conversation, he sees it as the true violence and injustice that it really is! We hugged and shook hands. I went on to tell him that the reason I always try to have an abortion victim image displayed during our prayer and outreach is because like with him, it changes minds instantly and saves lives when abortion minded women see what will really happens to their baby if they choose abortion.

Numerous women have told me personally that the abortion victim image was the only thing that convinced them not to have an abortion and stopped them even after driving hundreds of miles to come to Albuquerque for a late-term procedure…

It’s true that a picture speaks louder than words and pictures are a powerful educational tool against those who want to conceal and sterilize the term abortion. Instead of some vague misunderstanding about abortion as a controversial issue never to be mentioned, people must have these pictures in their mind as the impetus for demanding that this violent injustice to end.

Faith to Action Friday (July 12, 2019)

Bud and Tara Shaver are heading to Washington D.C. this week, but join Fr. Stephen Imbarrato director of Life Ministries U.S., Sidewalk Advocates for Life ABQ and others this Friday for Faith to Action Friday!

Let’s stand together for life and strategically step out in faith to transform our community.

  • Join us  for “Faith to Action Friday” on July 12, 2019 from 9-10AM
  • The UNMCRH free standing abortion clinic is located at 2301 Yale Blvd in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Parking is available on Renard (off Yale)
  • ​Everyone is welcome to join us for this peaceful presence.​

UNM is at the heart of the abortion cartel in New Mexico, as a publicly funded institution UNM consistently promotes a culture of death and is actively training the next generation of abortionists…

If you can’t join us this Friday, please keep our efforts in your prayers that hearts will be touched and eyes will be open to the truth about abortion in New Mexico.

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Unborn The Last Unprotected Group

Unborn The Last Unprotected Group

Washington D.C.- On July 4, 2019 President Donald J. Trump issued one of his best speeches, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, beautifully detailing the American struggle for freedom, liberty, and justice for all over our 243 year history. The quote from George Washington that he shared during this speech, came at the time when the continental army was surrounded and facing insurmountable odds. They had recently declared their independence and the stakes could not have been greater. The British army was eager to crush the American resistance in its infancy.

On August 27, 1776 General George Washington stated,

“The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission.”

That American spirit of triumph over adversity in the pursuit of a brighter future for all has fueled past generations to overcome their deeply entrenched cultural grievances. 

While we have come so far as a nation, there is still one class of Americans mentioned prophetically by George Washington that has even greater significance today in 2019.

  • “The fate of unborn millions now depend on [our] courage and conduct.”

Bud Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico issued the following statement after the Red Rose Rescue held in Washington D.C. on March 19, 2019,

“I appeal to President Donald Trump in hopes that he will continue to lead the charge in changing the heart of our nation so that our laws can be reformed to protect pre-born life in the womb. While we anticipate the overturning of Roe vs.Wade, we eagerly urge you to issue a presidential executive action through a Personhood Proclamation to give constitutional protection and personhood to the pre-born.”

See below a well written opinion piece that was recently published in the Albuquerque Journal by our friend and fellow pro-life activist Sid Gutierrez that emphasizes the need for personhood and protection of unborn millions, the last unprotected group in America.

Unborn the last unprotected group 

(This article was published in the Albuquerque Journal on June 17, 2019)


The debate over abortion, interrupted by a Supreme Court decision almost half a century ago, is finally beginning anew. And it will not go away until some sort of a national consensus is achieved. Some are attempting to achieve this consensus by articulating reasoning based on science and enumerated rights in the Constitution. A quick review of videos on the Internet confirms that others have not moved beyond yelling, bullying and outright violence. Since we know the latter will not result in consensus, let’s look at the science and enumerated rights.

The science is clear. The fetus is a human being. The standard medical text “Human Embryology and Teratology” states, “Although human life is a continuous process, fertilization is a critical landmark because, under ordinary circumstances, a new, genetically distinct human organism is formed.” The textbook “The Developing Human” states, “Human life begins at fertilization.” I could add 40 more references.

Abortion-rights author David Boonin in his book “A Defense of Abortion” acknowledges, “A human fetus after all is simply a human being at a very early stage of development.”

So, if the consensus is to be based on science and morality, the decision is simple. Taking an innocent human life is immoral. There is no justification. A child is not responsible for the circumstances for her conception, so rape, incest, poverty and being unwanted are not grounds for taking a human life. Likewise, mental illness or physical deformities are not justification for killing a human being.

But Roe v. Wade was not based on morality. Justice (Harry) Blackmun claimed to base it on the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This created a sticky situation since the 14th Amendment explicitly states, “nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Justice Blackmun acknowledged this in Roe v. Wade when he wrote: “The (state of Texas) argue(s) that the fetus is a ‘person’ within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment. In support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well-known facts of fetal development. If this suggestion of personhood is established, (Jane Roe’s) case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment.”

This – the question of personhood – is the core issue to be resolved in this debate over abortion. All other issues are used by one side or the other to distract from the central question. Based on the words of the author of the Roe v Wade decision, if the fetus is a person, then the fetus is protected in all circumstances by the 14th Amendment.

So, the question we need to resolve and reach a consensus on is actually very simple: We know a fetus is a human being, the question is: Are all human beings persons? And if not a person, what would this human being be?

History gives us some possible answers. In the infamous Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court found a human being – a slave – to be property. During much of the early history of our country, owing to their non-person status, Native Americans were almost exterminated. But on issues of human rights, history says Americans eventually get it right. If we can agree that all humans are persons, we can resolve this divisive issue and finally bring protection to the last unprotected group – the unborn.

(Col. Sid Gutierrez, retired NASA astronaut pilot of the Space Shuttle Columbia and Commander of the Endeavour)   

Sid Gutierrez is from Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently lives about 100 yards from where he grew up. He was a Distinguished Graduate of the USAF Academy with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He earned an MA in Management from Webster University. He is retired from the Air Force at the rank of Colonel where he flew the F-15, F-16, T-38 and many other aircraft while serving as a fighter pilot, test pilot, and instructor pilot. He joined NASA as an astronaut in 1984 and flew as the Pilot of Columbia on STS-40 and Commander of the Endeavour on STS-59. He then served in several leadership positions at a national laboratory before retiring again to become an entrepreneur and spend more time with his grandchildren and the Pro-Life ministry. He and his wife of 42 years have three children and six grandchildren. They are devoted to the Sanctity of Human Life and are particularly interested in helping single Moms who have chosen life for their children. Sid has served on the Board of a state university, several for profit companies and multiple charities dedicated to helping those in need.

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“Three Pence Per Pound” What Is Your Final Straw?

“Three Pence Per Pound” What Is Your Final Straw?

By Bud Shaver

Albuquerque, NM- July 4th is a day where America comes together to celebrate our freedom that so many have fought and sacrificed their all and paid the ultimate price to defend. In 1776 men and women defied tyranny and forged a new independent nation founded on Christian values and Biblical precepts. 

  • Many of our Founding Fathers graduated from seminaries, and were considered church elders/church officers when they penned the Declaration of Independence.

“Three pence per pound” 

…that was the final straw that sparked the “Tea Party” (America’s first and most famous) protest and our independence as a nation! The American colonies were being taxed without representation and our (Christian leader) forefathers finally said enough!
Fast forward to 2019: $17,000 tax funded ABORTION… In New Mexico we are being forced to fund abortion with our tax dollars!  

In fact, the University of New Mexico is the heart of the abortion cartel in our state and they are using our tax dollars to fund their radical abortion agenda…

  • What is your final straw?

Today we should celebrate our freedom with our friends and family, and tomorrow join us as we exercise our freedom of speech and assembly in defiance of the tyranny and oppression of abortion!

Faith to Action Friday 

Join Abortion Free New Mexico and local pro-lifers from a wide diversity of groups this Friday (July, 5 2019) at the UNM- Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH) abortion killing center from 9-10AM (MT).

Now more than ever, we need to pray collectively, publicly, and strategically. This Friday you can do just that. Not only do the women and families entering UNMCRH need our love and resources, but your presence is needed so that the community will know how their tax dollars are being used, your presence also has the ability to have an economic impact on the surrounding businesses so that they stand up and kick UNMCRH out, and your presence can also help reform the University of New Mexico so that they will get out of the abortion business!

Let’s stand together for life and strategically step out in faith to transform our community.

  • Join us  for “Faith to Action Friday” on July 5, 2019 from 9-10AM
  • The UNMCRH free standing abortion clinic is located at 2301 Yale Blvd in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Parking is available on Renard (off Yale)
  • ​Everyone is welcome to join us for this peaceful presence.​

If you can not join us this Friday, we still need your help.

“Not My Money, Not My UNM”
  • Do you know any UNM alumni that are pro-life? 
  • Do you know any pro-life business owners that financially support UNM? 
  • We are launching a campaign “Not My Money, Not My UNM”
  • Click here if you would like to help.

UNM is at the heart of the abortion cartel in New Mexico, as a publicly funded institution UNM consistently promotes a culture of death and is actively training the next generation of abortionists…

If you can’t join us this Friday, please keep our efforts in your prayers that hearts will be touched and eyes will be open to the truth about abortion in New Mexico.

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