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May Newsletter 2016: New Mexico Leaders Must Stand Up For The Babies

May Newsletter 2016: New Mexico Leaders Must Stand Up For The Babies

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

New Mexico doesn’t have any laws to protect the pre-born children who die daily in our midst. It is the “Abortion Capital of the Southwest” and Albuquerque is known nationally as the “Late-Term Abortion Capital of the Country.” That is why Protest ABQ has been and will continue to urge Republican leadership to speak up about this horrible tragedy and put together a strategy to pass un-compromised pro-life legislation.

This month we spent time in protest reminding the New Mexico GOP that their constituents want them to stand up for the babies,…once they do, we will stand down.


(RGA Governors Summit Hosted by Susana Martinez)

This month New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez hosted her fellow Governors for a summit just outside of ABQ, Protest ABQ was there to expose her lack of action, but we were also hopeful that the other Governors in attendance who have done so much to protect the pre-born in their states would encourage her to do the same.


(New Mexico Republican State Convention)

The same week, the New Mexico GOP had their state convention and we urged them to cut ties with UNM and Paul Roth, as we have continued to do for months now.

If we do not hold our elected officials accountable to a high standard regarding the dignity and value of human life, who will?

Bud Shaver, executive director of Protest ABQ discusses the details and purpose of these two focuses with  The HUB of New Mexico internet radio station.

Listen online here

As a pro-life missionary family, doing this life saving work by the call from our Lord we thank each of you for your continued prayers and financial support.

Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico is a mission field like no other, we couldn’t and can’t do this important work without you!

Thank you for your prayers and if you are not already doing so please consider making a monthly or one time (tax deductible) donation online here (Just select Bud and Tara- Pro-Life Witness) to keep us going strong in such tumultuous times.

God’s Peace Be With YOU!

When a Protest becomes a Riot…

Protest ABQ has always maintained peaceful protests throughout Albuquerque and beyond, this is because we are opposed to all forms of violence. In fact, our mission is to protect the most defenseless among us, children in the womb, from the ultimate act of violence: abortion.

On Tuesday, May 24th Albuquerque experienced a protest that really became a riot because these efforts were fueled not by love but by hate and anger. This riot was one of many throughout the nation focused on opposing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rallies.

One of the main groups organizing the anti-Trump agitation event in Albuquerque which ultimately resulted in violence against the police, property damage and even animal cruelty was ProgressNow New Mexico.

The executive director of ProgressNow NM is Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis (District 6).

Protest ABQ is calling on Pat Davis to step down as a city councilor. In addition, Protest ABQ is calling upon Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry to conduct an investigation into Pat Davis and ProgressNow New Mexico’s role of organizing this “StandUpToTrump Rally”.

Read the full report by Tara Shaver connecting the dots here: Is City Councilor Pat Davis and ProgressNow NM Responsible for ABQ Riot?

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Love in Christ,

The Shaver Family

Thank YOU for standing with us, for your prayers and for making our pro-life efforts in New Mexico possible!

“Seek the well being of the city to which I have sent you. Pray for it to the Lord.  For in seeking its well being you shall find your own.“ Jeremiah 29:7


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